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~ New Moon on 2/4 in Aquarius ~


~ This February's New Moon on 2/4 is in Aquarius ~


Essences: Creativity, freedom, organization, vision, passion, boundaries, balance, simplicity 


Questions to Ask: How has my creativity felt stifled lately? Why?

Do I currently feel that I have the freedom I desire? If not, why not?

What areas of my life need the most organization right now? What feels messiest and needs some sprucing?

Where could I simplify in life?

What is my vision for the coming month? How do I want to feel? What do I want to create?

What am I most passionate about right now? What ignites my passion?

What are my boundaries? How can I set my boundaries, with compassion, in order to take care of myself at this time?


What to Become Aware of: At this Aquarian New Moon, we can learn a lot about where we’re at (our relationship with ourselves, others, our environment, all of life) when we tune into the most obvious emotion clouding our day. What are we feeling? It doesn’t particularly matter why, as attaching a story to our emotions isn’t always the most conducive way to transcend them. Simply noticing them is more than enough to begin alchemizing them into an experience that serves us, rather than hinders us — to transform them into an experience that helps us grow, rather than keeps us stuck in cycles of paralyzed pain. Whatever we are experiencing today, may we use it by moving through it, letting ourselves cry when we need to cry, move when we need to move, talk when we need to talk, be still when we need to be still. This space of openness and honesty is where our creativity arises. When our creativity feels stifled, we may default to feeling helpless and victim to to a lack of freedom, which is what we believe will allow us to manifest what we dream of. But when we realize that freedom is infused in every breath, that every moment we are alone no matter who else we’re with, that every moment holds as much power for manifestation as any other, we may find a twinge of peace and comfort with the present moment exactly as it is … not needing it to be any better than what’s been given. If we feel stifled, if we don’t feel free, a mere recognition of these feelings can be our reminder to take life into our own power by shifting and owning a new perspective which births beauty and artistry in even the most mundane tasks. Whatever you are feeling today, shift into some simple gratitude for its existence. Feeling is a blessing.

This is also a wonderful time to clean house, not only internally but in the spaces we inhabit most often. When our spaces are chaotic and unorganized, they don’t as easily foster mental and emotional clarity when we’re in them. An organized space, as well as simplicity in what’s held within it, can aid in transforming feelings and opening up space for more clarity to come through. May we use tonight to envision and set intentions for what we want to create and how we want to feel this coming month. And we all deserve to do this in a space that is inspiring, calming, and invigorating to our senses. Use tonight to curate your space in beauty, with the simple intention of it continuously opening up space for your passions to flood through.  

This is a highly passionate New Moon, sensual and emotional, stirring our senses and opening old wounds. It’s all here in love and service to our growth — growth into our most intuitive, authentic essence and purpose. Lean in to everything coming up. Be honest. Stay open. We have everything we need to transform. 


A Ritual to Practice: Star Pose

When we open up our body, we make way to release stagnant energy and open our heart space to life. Star Pose, aka Tarasana, is a restorative yoga posture that will gently melt any resistance and tension held in your muscles, bones and organs. It will also help release your low back, hips, and hamstrings.

  • Bend your knees out wide and bring the soles of your feet together with your heels about 2 feet away from your pelvis, so your legs create a diamond shape.
  • Inhale deeply, as you sit tall and lengthen your spine. Exhale, fold over your legs and release your head forward. Slide your arms under your legs and hold your feet or relax your arms over the top of your legs. You can rest your head on a yoga block, or in the cradle of your feet or hands.
  • Breathe into your hips and back as you silently recite the mantra “I meet my feelings with kindness. I am grateful for all they are here to teach.”
  • Stay for 3-7 minutes and allow a calming essence to wash you clean.


art is by @hheininge
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