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Right vs. Left Brain


The intuitive experience is integrated. It must be, in order to be. Intuition is not black and white — it doesn’t divide or hide. Intuition is not merely the right brained, feminine perspective. Nor is it a contrasted concept from the left brained, masculine perspective. Rather, it is the thread uniting both. It is that unique, delicious spirit running through.

Intuition is the marriage of heart and mind.

Beginning to experience intuition in this way is pretty radical, as the ways in which we’re raised (no matter how or where) are founded upon a divide between male and female, and their subsequent qualities. Today more so than ever before, New Age jargon has us speaking in terms of energy — which is more male and which is more female, which is “better” or “worse”. But let me set something clear: neither is better nor worse. Both just are. And once we quit creating that divide, we will be able to experience them both as one united essence, the truth of who we are. Our intelligent intuition.

This is the essential experience of intuition — it is subjective and accepting.

Navigating our intuitive waters is a flow when we are able to joyfully accept all feelings and sensations as they mystically arise, knowing that they serve a purpose and reason. This experience is intelligence, perhaps in a different way than the brain understands. This experience is the intelligence of nature, the miracle of plant and animal life, the symmetrical structures of crystals, the brilliance of quantum mechanics, the organization within the cosmos. Perhaps we cannot speak to these intelligences, perhaps they cannot take an IQ test, but there’s no denying that they are beyond intelligent. They are you — not just the immaculate orchestration of your body’s cells and organs, but also the inner guiding voice that knows.

Your intuition is your eternally-expanding map. You must both read (witness) it and embody (become) it. You are the traveler, and you are also the map. This kind of experience (meaning, this perspective on who you are) may be entirely new for you, as it was for me once, too. This experience may be so far from anything you ever thought you knew. And yet, if it is not new to you, I am so excited for you to dive even deeper! I am so excited for what you are about to discover, as this discovery will be one of your fundamental nature — the beauty of who you absolutely are.

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