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» Solar Eclipse New Moon on 12/25-26 in Capricorn «

 ∵ art is from beloved Baba Ram Dass Be Here Now 

» This December's Solar Eclipse + New Moon

on 12/25 - 26 is in Capricorn «


The wound is the place where the Light enters you. ~~Rumi



Vulnerability, awareness, opening, honoring, blazing, commitment, kindness 


Questions to Ask

Where do I feel vulnerable? Where do I feel exposed?

What wounds do I still carry with me? How are they holding me back?

What ways do I long to express myself creatively? Am I allowing myself the space to do so? If not, why not?

Where, or to whom, do I currently need to send forgiveness?

What practices help me come back into my Being-ness? Into Presence and Peace?


What to Become Aware of

The vulnerability required in these times may feel crippling, as we’re shaken and stirred until we commit to showing up in our wholeness, honoring the duality in the process, both the darkness and the light. Culture has shaped these times into one of bright celebration and outward expression. When in all sensibility, what Nature is calling us to do is to welcome the darkness and retreat. These are still days of sweet celebration, a pit stop in time to gather and honor and tune tenderly into the consciousness of Christ ~ that heart cave essence of I Am-ness and Being-ness beyond our physicality. But all the while, may we not forget what these days really beg for ~ a recognition of, and therefore an engagement with, our purposeful place in the mysterious grander scheme of all things. With a Solar Eclipse + New Moon ushering our hearts on, we are encouraged to rest in our vulnerabilities and to keep opening opening opening, even and most especially when we want to close down. When it all feels too much, when fear claims its place, when the light at the end of the tunnel feels non-existent, come back to the Earth. Come back to connection. Come back to cyclicality, remembering that this too may be a darker time for you. Give your fears back to the Earth ~ she will re-instill your belonging and re-ignite your remembering.

Amongst the parties and plans and gifts and dynamics, may we hold still the beautiful, eternal I Am-ness of all our experiences. We are the beating heart. Our awareness, our presence, makes it all go round. When the weight of what the world is asking from us doesn’t feel aligned with the longing of our inner depths, our awareness brings us back. Our awareness gives us courage. Be radical enough to be aware. Be radical enough to bask in what’s hard. This Solar Eclipse is our potent place of release. We are cleansing long-held beliefs, mending festering wounds. Choose forgiveness. Choose an opposite mode of operation or behavior than the one that’s been holding you back. Muster the vulnerability to choose differently, and witness the expansiveness that results. We are each blazing our way on as we liberate our hearts from past pain, and permeate acceptance and compassion into the present. What is here is here. And it’s not so much what’s here that matters, but it’s our surrender into it that makes the experience that much sweeter.

This is a time of closure and resolution. We are closing a whole decade. Closing a whole year. There is much to reflect on and much to intend for. But keep present by welcoming the sensations that come with endings. Heartbreak, mourning, sorrow. These darker wounds are the places where the Light will again enter you. Release everywhere you’ve been. Come back home.


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