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» Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on 1/10 in Cancer «

lunar eclipse full moon in cancer 1/10/20

∵ art is by René Magritte, 1944 ∵

» This January's Lunar Eclipse + Full Moon

on 1/10 is in Cancer «

Eclipse will be visible from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia


Balance, movement, self-support, responsibility, productivity, potential, alignment


Questions to Ask

How can I best support myself right now?

Where am I currently needing to focus my creative energy / work?

What relationship dynamics are needing some attention? What can I do to shift this?

How balanced is my relationship with external obligations vs. my home environment feeling?

How can I best make use of my time at home? What do I feel inspired to do there?


What to Become Aware of

As I write this, I am sicker than I’ve been in a while. Such is how it seems to go this time of year ~ our nervous systems are finding recalibration as we settle back into our natural rhythms and personal projects after a possible whirlwind of travel, social pressures, and financial stretches. My family and I flew far and wide away from our little land in the middle of the Pacific, into snow and ice with people we love more than anything. Since landing back home, I have been riding the home high, feeling grateful and blissful for my own familiar space again. Then yesterday morning, we came down hard with I hope is not the flu, but nevertheless I am being pulled into deep rest and self-support on all levels. Regardless of whether your body is speaking in sickness or in health, I know I am not the only one having to hold this newfound self-support down. It’s time to get serious and deliberate with how we spend our time. Being unapologetic in our self-care is an easy way there. It’s time to find that balance again between action and reaction, between commitment and hibernation. It is still winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The energy of these days is still in full support of a more internal dimension of self-exploration and thoughtful intention. What is it time to put more love into? Where does our energy need to be redirected? It’s time again to focus.

It is no longer time to make excuses or compromises for what others are setting up or want to plan. Now is our time to get grounded, rooted in our own bodies and spaces, naturally allowing ourselves to bloom from there over the course of the next few months. We need focus on what it is that wants to manifest through us, and how we can best support and care for ourselves in it doing so. This beautiful Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is brining into focus those opposing forces which may distract us and keep us from fully supporting ourselves ~ work vs. home environments, social obligations vs. personal needs. This Eclipse is aiding us in taking back our power to choose how to spend our time with a heart-felt inspiration, rather than out of obligation.

Our emotional realms and feeling-intelligence are tuned high right now, and if we aren’t channeling this energy properly, it may leave us feel restless, angry, or irritated. We can channel our emotions by using them as allies and tools in navigating any relational issues with honesty, certainty, and kindness. We can channel this energy by becoming impeccable with our word, which means speaking intentionally and only sharing the stories which are ours to share. This is so key to practice right now, when relationships and communication are in the spotlight. It simply isn’t sustainable or healthy to relate with others through a shared opinion of or story about someone else. We can clear away baggage within ourselves, and within our relationships, when we just stop engaging in story that perpetuates a dramatic dynamic. We take back our power by clearing this baggage ~ making room for a more intimate experience of loving and sharing to live through us.


A Ritual to Practice

Go outside at night at look into the brightness of the Moon and the vastness of the Universe. Make a wish. Go write that wish down on a piece of paper. Then write down practical action steps you can take within the next 28 days to see that wish come true. Then write down three ways you can support yourself (through self-care or otherwise) during those 28 days. At the next Full Moon, bury your paper in the Earth, sending your wishes and supportive intentions back into the elements to be transformed and shared wider with the world. 


Share this Moon Letter with anyone you feel would find some love from it ~

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