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» New Moon on 1/24 in Aquarius «

new moon in Aquarius 1/24 moon + rock blog

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» This January's New Moon on 1/24 is in Aquarius «

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."

— Martin Luther King Jr.


Liberation, expression, eccentricity, surprise, innovation, insight, revolution, encouragement, embodiment


Questions to Ask

Are there any ways I see I may be acting a certain way (or doing something) out of a need to please others? If so, how can I come back into my own authentic expression?

Do I currently have any innovative ideas I would like implement in my life? It could be for anything … from a business I want to start, to a new way of navigating a relationship, to a new way of organizing / decorating my home / office …

What emotional insights am I gathering at this time? What suffering or trauma do I feel that I am moving through?

What is my grander vision for humanity? What values and dreams do I hold for our future?

What are three things I can do this week to personally live in more alignment with this vision?

What makes me feel free?


What to Become Aware of

How wonderful to come upon a New Moon in Aquarius (and Imbolc next week) amidst such unstable global times. There is no doubt a precariousness to what is transpiring around the world, and we are being reminded with cosmic encouragement to play our respective parts as the surest way to collective collaboration in familial love. We are One Earth family — a diverse clan of Mother Earth’s children, in agreement and contract with one another to play out this unique experience of Life. The Creator breathes the same through each and every being, and how easily we forget that respect and acceptance of one another as precious brothers and sisters is the most delicious medicine. A revolution for global evolution begins within each of our hearts and through each of our actions. The world we want to see begins through individual embodiment of that vision. We can all make efforts, no matter how small, to live in more awareness of our Oneness. In this time, we are being encouraged to own and embody our individuality as sacred aspects of the One, and to tune into what it is that we ourselves uniquely carry and can contribute to the changing of the tides. Each of us is a participating wave.

For the past few hundred years, we were in an era of group mentality — needing to adopt a collective belief system in order to feel safe and productive. But as we have now entered the Aquarian era, we are adjusting to an age of individual efforts and truths. Personal liberation conceives collective liberation.  This is what we are coming to embody.

This week’s New Moon is a dark night of inner inspiration and surprise, as Aquarius encourages in us a sense of wonder and surrender about the unfoldment of things. Though we plant our seeds and declare our prayers, the secrecy of the future’s development is not ours to know. We hold our intentions, we act with awareness, we bring our gifts into the present and release the longing for more. This New Moon is pulling us deeper into an experience of the Now, out of Capricorn’s ambitions and arrangements and into Aquarius’s real-time efforts and ideas. These are evolutionary times, for sure. True Love of the One is overflowing from Aquarius’s water vessel, nourishing our roots and cleansing our streams. The process of cleansing always brings about some discomfort, as our systems adjust to the release of stagnant energy or habitual ways of being. May we use any discomfort arising now as a beacon of gratitude for the phenomenon of change — though at first it may be frightening, we can trust that the Heart of Existence is Love, and that all experiences are mysterious paths pulling us deeper and deeper into this Love, with visceral understanding rather than just as intellectual law.

We come to embody our individual truth through the human experience of duality — discomfort and bliss, darkness and light, grief and gratitude. Through this duality we become devoted to the One. And we again find gratitude for the tenderness in the contrasts of Life. At this New Moon, may we each respectfully focus on our inner intentions and inspired actions, by releasing the pressure to conform to the structures that have come before. We are paving new ways. We are envisioning infinite possibility. We are innovating a new reality through personal liberation. Go forth and be free!


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