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» Full Moon on 12/11-12 in Gemini «

 full moon in gemini on 12/11 moon & rock blog

» This December's Full Moon on 12/11-12 is in Gemini «



Completion, flexibility, freedom, possibility, release, collaboration, appreciation, commitment, refinement


Questions to Ask

What matters to me most right now? Where are my priorities?

What keeps me up at night? Where do I currently feel fear? How can I transform this energy into something positively useful?

In my manifestations, what could I get more creative with? Where are there out-of-the-box possibilities?

How can I best care for my body at this time?

What do I currently feel most appreciative of?

Describe who you feel yourself to be…what attributes, energy, services, values or inspirations do you embody in the world? How do you feel about this image?


What to Become Aware of

Our last Full Moon of the year, and of the decade ~ We are on the precipice of a completion ripe with honoring, and a beginning blooming with creative possibility. Our work is to remain flexible, appreciative, and visionary. Transitions are uncomfortable, as they call us to simultaneously release what is no longer needed as well as embrace what we don’t yet know. We are letting go of familiarities and learning to say yes (however shaky it comes out) to unfamiliarities. This time is a bit wobbly, liminal. Our compassion for ourselves and for each other is fundamental in finding ease and enjoyment in the ride. At this Full Moon, may we find our inner sweetness, our inner sugar, to sprinkle upon the bitter bites of our lives. May we greet resistance with softness and fear with curiosity. May we find refinement in our actions and intentions, choosing clarity through freeing ourselves of where we’ve been.

The past is ours to acknowledge, but not to hold onto. We don’t own it, and it certainly doesn’t own us. We are so, so very much more than our stories. The illumination of this Moon brings us a courage to scale the boulders of our burdens and dig for the speck of gold. That gold, we can carry. But the rest, may we leave to the Earth. Let Her hold it. Give it all back. May we walk forth into this new year, this new decade, with the golden lessons of where we’ve been, adorning ourselves in them as a new embodiment of love, purpose and goodness in the world. We truly free ourselves by knowing ourselves ~ by knowing our inherent, infinite value. Boundless and precious. Beautiful beyond comprehension. A potent awareness which greets all experiences with an air radical gratitude.

We are the weavers of our webs. Any anxiety that may be arising is a call to return home to the power we each hold to choose what we want to see. What vibrations do we want to tune into? Maybe certain types of media, or relationships, or ways of working need to change. Maybe there are things that we just suddenly need to say no to. Maybe there are things we need to start saying yes to. What are we doing if we’re not enjoying the ride? This life is a true treasure to be cherished, and we are each entitled to finding our enjoyment, our inspiration, and our purpose in any corner we so wish. Weave your own web. Which also means, you have the ability to detangle it, and go build it somewhere else if you need. Stay true to you. This week, remember to tuck your bigger picture away, safely in your heart, to carry with you always. Face the mundane tasks that require it’s unfoldment with appreciation and awe. Stay flexible. Stay inspired. Stay open.

Stay free.

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