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✧ New Moon Solar Eclipse on 7/13 in Cancer ✧

meagan moon / moon letters / new moon solar eclipse on 7/13 in cancer / moon and rock

✧ This July's New Moon Solar Eclipse is on 7/13 in Cancer 

“Stop consuming images and start producing them.” Terrence McKenna


Essences: Soften, nest, embrace, vision, integration, grounding, creation, creation, creation


Questions to Ask: What helps me to feel soft and fluid inside my skin?

What helps me to ground down? To feel a sense of home, belonging, and peace?

What visions or daydreams are coming to me most clearly? How do these visions make me feel?

What are three actionable steps I can take today to manifest these visions in my reality?

What current fears of mine need transforming? How can I work with my fear to fuel my creative fire?

What helps me to face my fears with courage and compassion?

What artistic expression do I feel most drawn to at this time? How can integrate practicing it more in my life?

What does “creation” mean to me? What does it feel like when I am doing it?


What to Become Aware of: Mega Moons galore! This New Moon, the coming New Moon, and the Full Moon in-between all come to us with eclipses (this New Moon being a Partial Solar Eclipse), challenging our awareness and alchemical willingness. How willing are we really to put in the work to transform what feels painful in our lives, in order to manifest our dream reality? Of course, we have to face this every day, but when the energy of the cosmos is this potent, our bodies and beings become more sensitive to what feels out of alignment — what feels hard right now is simply a call to flow back into alignment. Meaning, align our reality with our intuitive understanding. We do this by getting back in touch with our intuition, listening with curiosity and compassion to what it says. Our intuitive desires are different than our egoic desires. Egoic desires arise from a subconscious (and therefore conscious) mind that has been pre-programmed by society to believe certain things and therefore manifest a life based on the beliefs it’s picked up from others. This kind of desire is an illusion. Intuitive desires, on the other hand, come from our unique soul essence which houses our most divine, authentic Selves — the Self that came to this planet in unapologetic uniqueness and love. This Self knows it’s purpose, path, and manifestations, regardless of what the programs of society lead our conscious mind to “believe” we want or need. This kind of desire is visceral and feels energetically undeniable — it feels like the essence of our soul. 

When be bring in the awareness of needing to align our reality with what our intuition knows, we alchemize — we transform life from stagnancy, to fluidity. On this New Moon Eclipse, loosen up. Let your intuitive pings (those little messages that you receive from within — not from without) be your ultimate guide. Follow them courageously and relentlessly. What does your most authentic Self desire to manifest in this life? What does it feel called to create and infuse into the world? 

One of my favorite ways to immediately converse with intuition is by tuning into visions. Visions come to us through daydreaming as well as through night-dreaming. Those sudden, energizing sparks of a beautiful future that come to us randomly throughout the day, as well as the symbols and sensations that arise during our dreams, are simple yet easily denied ways that our intuition seeks to communicate with our conscious and subconscious mind. These visions are pure energy, which is intuition’s language. Conversing with our intuition requires us to become sensitized enough to tune into energy and tune out mental thought. Feel into the visions that have been arising for you as of late — what seeds do you want to plant at this New Moon in order to grow these intuitive visions into your future? Write them down. Just like the Moon on this night, allow yourself to embrace to dark, hide away, and courageously tune within.

Create, create, create. Aim to create far more than you consume. Let this be your monthly mantra: I create more than I consume. Ground yourself somewhere sweet and gentle during this time, so that you may feel held and at home within your own skin and under the roof that shields you. Set up an altar, or practice daily and nightly rituals to build some structure around your energetic work. Love yourself so much. Be authentic. Be vulnerable. The Earth needs you to evolve as intuitive you — not as what society wants from you. We have to encourage one another to do this together. Our paths and purposes are intertwined, traveling home to the same space. We are one.


A Ritual to Practice: Intuitive Envisioning

The sign of Cancer (which this New Moon is in) is so much about creating a homey, cozy, familiar space for yourself and your family to ground down and be present within. So gift yourself a clean, sacred space to rest in silence and peace for some time tonight. When you do so, spend time with your intuition, tuning into the visions and dreams it’s gifting you. Write them down. Get them from the energetic, into the physical, so that you can have a better, practical wrangle on what you feel called to do. Take note of how these visions may differ from the beliefs or desires of society. Do you feel that you have to be courageous in some way, in order to manifest what you need? Is there anything in your reality that currently feels out of alignment with that? Really rest in this space of awareness — there is nothing that you need to do tonight but be so fully aware. Give so much thanks for these visions. Wake up tomorrow morning and make them come true.




* Art is by @penabranca


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This book is not about teaching you how to work with the Moon in order to get what you want. Rather, it’s a gentle introduction to encourage you to use the Moon as a symbol in your life — a symbol with whatever meaning you decide. I am so honored to take this journey with you!   

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