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✧ Full Moon on 6/27 in Capricorn ✧

meagan moon message from the moon / moon & rock / full moon in Capricorn 6/27 spiritual meaning

✧ This June's Full Moon is on 6/27 in Capricorn 


Essences: Mystery, intuition, embrace, integration, courage, clarity, peace, health

Questions to Ask: What mysteries of life am I feeling anxious about?

What specific fear can I come to embrace?

In what areas of life could I show up more structured, with more of a plan?

Where do I feel called to step up and take on more responsibility?

Am I excited about the ways that I am taking care of my body?

If not, how can I nourish it better, and give more compassionate attention to it?

Do I believe that I am controlled by forces outside of myself?

How can I better honor my role as a powerful, equal Creator of life?


What to Become Aware of: Today’s Full Moon is illuminating our fears and anxieties around the mystery of life. In truth, we have no idea what’s to come. Our logic and ego are of humble service to the divine purpose and path that wants to manifest through us. Our intuition guides our experience, whether we are conscious of it or not. And from this space, we are powerful, equal Creators of life as anything or anyone else. We are at once both humbled and empowered by existence, because we are both human and intuition. We are the vessel and we are also the soul. This is what makes life on Earth so gorgeously difficult. We are so blessed to be here.

In the space of intuition, everything is connected and working together, to remind each other of how to love deeper and the purpose in creating wider. In this space, everything is a mirror — reflecting our current reality back to us. Everything that we see and feel — all of those anxieties and fears and what ifs — they are powerful parts of ourselves that desire to be looked at with compassion, grace, and faith. They are not here to scare us, but they are here to teach us how to come back into love and how to embrace the utter mystery of everything. When we humble ourselves before what we feel, we embrace it. We become it. We alchemize it back into love. We give it purpose, and we come into a higher perspective in the process. 

With all of this intense energy being illuminated within and around us, it is so essential that we care for our precious vessels in the best ways we know how. We must be compassionate with ourselves — in how we speak to ourselves, in what we ingest, and the kinds of environments we’re putting ourselves in. Take some inventory tonight of how excited or not you presently feel about how you’re taking care of your body. Don’t judge this! Simply and compassionately reflect, as if you were an entirely different being looking at the person you love the most. Don’t judge. Just feel. What foods feel most nourishing and life-giving for you right now? What self-care practices could help you feel most grounded and juicy in your body? Do you need to spend more time connecting with others, or alone? It’s all up to unique you to decide what needs some recalibrating and what feels most healing. Take sweet care of your home.

And lastly, when it comes to embracing our fears and becoming the mystery itself, we have to check our subconscious beliefs about superstition. Do we believe that we are being controlled by forces outside of us, such as gods, goddesses, spirits, etc? Most of us do, even though we don’t always realize it. I know that I definitely have some subconscious re-programming to do around this because I grew up believing in good and evil and ghosts and sin. Really feel in to what you believe to be true about what controls you (the below Ritual to Practice will help with gaining more clarity about this). The belief in forces outside of us controlling us is deeply ancient — it has rooted in us through our ancestry and thus strengthened our individual, and collective, fear systems. I love the way that Jessica Shepard notes it — that when “we buy into superstition, we give power to fear … when we partner with mystery, we acknowledge that there are energies beyond our understanding, and we locate faith and trust to be okay with that. The fates do not control us.” Yes. Under the illumination of tonight’s Capricorn Full Moon, embrace all of your fear. Look directly and lovingly into it as the mirror that it is. Partner up with the mystery of what wants to come through you. Hold your intuitive Creator space, but humble yourself before the unknowing. Love everything. Love yourself. You are doing such good work. We are all in this together!


A Ritual to Practice: Surrendering Subconscious Superstition

This is a simple Full Moon meditation to help you better understand the fears that keep you stagnant from seeing yourself as everything within everything, and that keep you from embodying your full Creator power.

Sit comfortably on a pillow on the floor. If you’d like, curate the space around you to be neat and clean, adorned with a few of your favorite symbols and trinkets — like candles, meaningful jewelry, images, plants and herbs, etc. Sit quietly with the intention to hold yourself sweetly, with compassion and without judgement. Once you’re settled in, tap into the life-force of breath flowing through you, without you needing to try. Send out some simple gratitude for just getting to be alive — for getting to experience all of the these things, even the fear. Then, see any fear. Welcome it. Allow it to dive into your body, through the crown of your head. Watch it as it makes it way down your being, into your heart and root chakras. You want to allow it into your home, in order to have a courageous conversation with it. Allow it to meet you here.

Once it’s there, shift your perspective — look at it as if it’s a godly teacher with a gift. What has it come to bring you? What does it want to remind you? Shift your perspective away from believing in superstition, and into celebrating the unity of the Universe. Let the childhood stories you were told about heaven hell and good and evil and good and bad spirits completely wash away. Look at this fear as if you’re looking into a mirror. Where do you see yourself and your subconscious programming? What part of yourself can you give a lot more love to, and embody a lot more faith? How can you use what you’re seeing to fuel your creative fire, and bring you healing rather than dis-ease? This is your alchemy.

Converse with your fear as long as you need. Allow this to release your subconscious superstition, and flood you into a faithful embodiment of mystery and trust in divine Love.




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