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» New Moon on 9/17 in Virgo «

art is Principles of Light and Color, 1878

 » This September's NEW Moon on 9/17 is in Virgo « 

Sept 17 4:00am PDT / 7:00am EDT / 11:00am GMT / 9:00pm AEST

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Understanding, shifting, enduring, responsibility, solutions, motion, organization, flexibility, confidence

Questions to Ask

Currently, what are my greatest responsibilities?

How do I interact with these responsibilities? How could I bring more presence + joy into them?

What matters most to me at this time? Where is my attention being pulled?

What has recently shifted in my life plans / direction? Where am I now headed?

Am I witnessing any long-held visions or plans clicking into place in a new way? If so, in what way? How do I feel about that?

What strengthens my trust in goodness, to know that I am always supported + loved?


What to Become Aware of

We are blooming into a new way of being for ourselves that is not dependent upon the mechanisms we used to use to get by. We can no longer do things how we once did them. The world as we know it is disintegrating before our eyes so that we may finally make way to live in the world as we see it with our heart.

We are each held responsible for the heart visions we see as what is possible and destined for our planet. The heart visions we hold write the code for what we put our energy and resources into. Now is the time to take our power back into our own hearts and hands, to begin taking full responsibility for the frequency we hold and the affect it has on the world around us.

Many elements are now clicking into place — long term plans we’ve held (maybe plans we weren’t even fully conscious we were holding) or a positive movement forward on a project that has been stifled due to lack of clarity or disorienting emotions. Cosmic influence is supporting an opening, a new malleability, an understanding about what’s next for us. Breathe deep! Have faith. Witness where there may be new movement for you on something, or multiple things, that matter greatly to you. Now is sweet reminder of the reality of change and universal fluctuation — nothing is permanent, nothing stays stuck. And ultimately, nothing is ever stuck but it is only our perception of this that makes it so. Beyond a societal illusion of perfection beats the transformative heart of existence, always in support of our greatest good and always moving back into Love. Where is our trust? What strengthens our trust? What goodness do we know to be true?

This is a wonderful time to take inventory / get organized around what it is that matters to us most. Clarity around the projects and people that need us most at this time will continue to encourage that movement onward and manifest simple solutions that have previously been clouded from our view. This Moon holds the spirit of Endurance — we can use this opening to give gratitude to what we have been given, and what we want to do with it.

This is also a wonderful time to take inventory of our physical health and gift ourselves space to get clear on what matters to us in that realm — where are our priorities with our self care, and how can we adjust our habits / rituals / routines to better honor these? Self care is so crucial during these times. We cannot care for each other, much less for the wider planet, if we cannot properly care for ourselves. What makes you feel so juicy and held in your own skin? What brings you peace of mind and tranquility of nervous system?

An obvious way that each of us can move into new forms of self care right now is through the recognition and embodiment of Being Who We Are. Rising each day in a courageous confidence to always be Enough for ourselves. We will never be enough for the world around us, because we aren’t meant to be. What a blessings that we cannot be everything for everyone. If we did, we would not be who we Are. Rise in joy and confidence of your unique imprint here, and bloom on in joy.


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