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✧ New Moon on 5/15 in Taurus ✧

meagan moon // message from the moon // spiritual meaning of new moon in taurus 5/15

✧ This May's New Moon is on 5/15 in Taurus 

" The dream of my life
is to lie down by a slow river
And stare at the light in the trees —
 To learn something by being nothing
A little while 
but the rich
Lens of attention. " 
~ Mary Oliver, Entering the Kingdom 


Essences: Sensation, surrender, self-love, femininity, softness, strength, honor, awakening


Questions to Ask: How in touch am I with my senses?

Do I navigate life more through my senses or through my thoughts?

What practices help me to ground deeper into my senses?

How may I better honor divine femininity? What is my current perception of women, and how may I connect and celebrate them more?

What is my relationship with Mother Earth? What is she presently inspiring in me?

On this New Moon, where do I need to surrender? Where am I holding on too tight?


What to Become Aware of: Our senses are our truest and most honest form of communication — vibration never lies. The mind can be quite deceitful and inconclusive in what it asks for and in how it perceives life. When not grounded in the senses, the mind creates reality through distorted veils of conditioning based upon whether it feels successful or not. The difference between the mind’s eye of success and sense’s eye of success is vital — the mind seeks superiority but the senses rest in knowing that there is no supremacy because all is one. When we take a few moments each day to allow ourselves to ground into practices that root us in our senses — in the honest vibrations pulsing within and around us — we may better navigate life from a space of sincerity, love, surrender. Our gorgeous world has become so full of shiny distractions that so easily numb our senses and ignite the analytical left-brain. We of course need this left-brain, but we also desperately need harmony. We need balance between the hemispheres, which allows us to be analytical as well as deeply intuitive. The right-brained perspective is that of the senses — rooted in feeling, flow, graceful strength and femininity. 

May this New Moon be the time for us to honor and celebrate our softest senses. To dive heart-first into our body’s energy and how it interacts with our environment. We can learn so much from Mother Earth and her children — the animals, flowers, trees and elements. She feels deeply and acts intuitively rather than habitually. Her sensations may inspire our own, begging us to remain present for life’s experiences by navigating the moment through what we feel, rather than through what we think. For tonight, allow yourself to get honest with yourself about what you’ve been feeling, and how it’s been shaping your experiences. Through sensation, we have access to everything we could possibly need. And when we feel it, it is so. Let go. Flow.


A Ritual to Practice: Sensational Grounding

What practices help you to ground deeper into your senses? Meaning, what acts or rituals have you found help flood you into an intuitive space of feeling your way through an experience, rather than just thinking about it? This could be through listening to music, dancing, writing, drawing and painting, meditating, pranayama breathing, walking in nature, gardening, making tea, making meals . . . Whatever inspires your senses and puts you in touch with your own energy. Today, tonight, tomorrow, for as long as you need, make the space to tune into these practices so that you may tune into your feelings. Get unapologetic about creating the time to take care of your sensations. How we live our days is how we live our lives.

Tonight, write down a list of these practices — get clear on what they are. Get them on paper. Take a good look at what’s come through you, and speak with them. Tell them how grateful you are for them. Thank them endlessly for their power as alchemy in expanding your life. Speak with yourself, and thank yourself for committing to doing what helps you feel your way through life. Send love and appreciation to these practices. Then, go do them. 


⟡ Have you downloaded Meagan's Intuitive Moon E-Book? This little book is intended to serve as your appetizer to these bi-monthly love letters. 

This book is not about teaching you how to work with the Moon in order to get what you want. Rather, it’s a gentle introduction to encourage you to use the Moon as a symbol in your life — a symbol with whatever meaning you decide. I am so honored to take this journey with you!   

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