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✧ Full Moon on 4/29 in Scorpio ✧

moon & rock letters from the moon // full moon in scorpio on 4/29

✧ This April's Full Moon is on 4/29 in Scorpio 


Essences: Relationship, honesty, playfulness, respect, authenticity, peace, elevation, self-realization


Questions to Ask: Do I feel that I am expressing myself honestly in my relationships?

How could I better communicate my truth?

Where am I not being authentic? How can I be more authentic?

Where is there mystery in my life, and how do I feel about that?

How could I better ground into mystery? How could I work with it more playfully?

What helps me to ground into my body?

What helps me to feel sensitive, and alive?

What is held within my shadow? Am I afraid of it? Why or why not?

What to Become Aware of: Communication is everything. We’ve been given this reflection our entire lives — when we were children, if we didn’t attempt to clearly and honesty communicate our needs, we’d experience isolation and deprivation. Children are powerful teachers, in that they show us how wholesome and safe it is to speak our truth. When relating in life — whether that be with a friend, a co-worker, a lover or the stranger on the street — we must practice open and authentic communication about what we feel, and what we need. And it is a practice, because it is life-long! Relationships with fellow humans are some of the clearest mirrors we have. What we see in another, or what another has us feeling, is a mere signpost in the direction of our witness — showing us where our consciousness may be in need of some re-wiring to alchemize a perspective or experience. Each of us deserves to experience unconditional support and safety on our journey. And this experience begins with trusting ourselves and trusting our Universe enough to know that it is safe and desperately needed for us to speak how we feel, and humble ourselves before others as they do the same. On this Full Moon, may we support one another in holding space for personal truth and healing. We are one family. Who will we continue to become, globally, if we cannot put this into practice? Transformation begins in you. You are as powerful of a force for alchemy on this Earth than anyone or anything else. Your authenticity is vital.

Alongside the amplification of communication in relation during this bright New Moon, we are also called to not get distracted by the light, but to be equally as grateful and aware of the dark. Just like the Moon, we all have a light and a shadow side — the face the world sees, and then the balanced side that the darkness of the cosmos sees. And neither is better or worse! Both serve their purpose in the wholeness of who we are, and how we’re designed to express our essence. Our essence (or soul, or spirit, or witness, or whatever word works for you) is inherently nothing but Love. It is non-judgmental, unconditional, and surrendered.  It experiences itself as one, not two. It’s “shadow” is nothing to be afraid of, but a loving mirror of it’s truth. Are you afraid of yourself? Is what is hidden in your shadow more than you feel that you can handle? Take a deep, unattached look at this — as if you were looking at an entirely different being. Send that space acceptance and curiosity. The Universe will never give you anything that you cannot handle. Tonight, allow yourself to get deeply curious about this “shadow side” — experiment with being unafraid of not knowing all the answers. Surrender into the mystery of existence. Control is unreal. Only flow will transform.


A Ritual to Practice: Grounding into Mystery

It is so great to celebrate the light, and to give ample gratitude to all the things that make us feel high in life. And yet, it is equally as great to celebrate the dark, and to give ample gratitude for the mystery and balance of life — of which we can never fully comprehend. What we can do, though, is surrender and give thanks. As a ritual for this Full Moon, get yourself really grounded into your body and being. Root into what makes you feel high and alive, as well as into what makes you feel afraid and incapable. Deepen your awareness into it all through a meditation focused on the intention of surrender — of letting go. Make a quiet, supportive space for yourself with candles, your favorite crystals, incense, Palo Santo or Sage. Drink some tea beforehand — hydration heightens intuition. When you’re ready, sit in stillness, eyes closed, chest and heart open, and allow yourself to feel into the balance of who you are — knowingness and mystery. Allow the deep mystery of life to consume you. Surrender up your intelligence’s control. Stay in this for as long as you need, until you feel overcome with gratitude and fearlessness about expressing your whole self honestly to the world, even though you’re unsure about how the experience will unfold. Then go out, and do just that.


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