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Core of the Storm


There is this peace which transcends everything, and yet, it encompasses everything. There is this peace which is like the core of the storm — it is the storm, inextricable from it, and yet it is a cradle of safety and ease as everything around it swirls in destruction. There is this peace which is not separate from who we believe ourselves to be, but is a transcendent, alchemical aspect of our wholeness. We are not divided beings. We are not separated souls. We are a united nature, balanced by chaos and peace.

We are a perfect heart, oozing with intuition and unapologetically centered in silence. Chaos is noisy, difficult to ignore and frightening to accept. But who is the one who is listening? Who is the one who is afraid? Who is the one who needs to accept? Is the heart of that witness separate from the heart of peace? Separation begets belief, and belief begets fear. The core of the storm surrenders in unison to it’s chaotic shell — unafraid of itself, and flowing in time with it’s divine design. Fear is the great illusion of our time, and uncurious belief the inhibitor of peace.

You embody a heart, a core, of gold. Your deepest nature emits luminous peace, and is the most precious space adorned in safety. The witness of fear is a dream — become lucid, and let the dream shake you awake to heal what feels out of the flow of creation. Let fear be your alchemical ingredient for aligning life deeper with your heart of gold. Let fear be your greatest teacher, your devoted guru, who continuously floods you back into peace — where all is well and we are safe, no matter what swirls around. Storms pass, after all. The volcano's eruptions eventually calm and what is left is new, sacred land on which fertile life will grow. And life celebrates Her opportunity to start anew. We are of the Earth, so may we remember how to wake up and do just the same.


* image was taken by Meagan, of the Pu'u 'Ō'ō crater on the Big Island of Hawai'i 

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