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moon & rock technology essentials blog post


We get asked all the time about what camera, lenses, and gear we use to create video and take photos. Voila! And in the event that you want to dive even deeper into why we use what we use, and what the benefit of each gadget is, Evan created an in-depth video about just that. Feel free to comment on that video if you have any questions. Technology can be so fun. Go play!


Sony a6500  — This is our camera body. We filmed with a Canon EOS M5 of about a year, but recently upgraded to everything Sony. Definitely, definitely worth it. Huge Sony fans over here. 


Sony SEL35F18 35mm f/1.8 Prime Fixed Lens  — Our 35mm lens, which formats to a 50mm lens on our camera body (the a6500 is a cropped sensor). This gets those tight-knit, portrait, "human eye" kind of shots. This is Meagan's preferred lens for photo and video.


Sony SEL50M28 FE 50mm F2.8 Full Frame E-mount Lens  — This is our 50mm lens, which on our camera body formats to an 80mm. This is similar to the 35mm in getting those tight-knit, portrait kind of shots, just obviously more cropped than a 35mm.


Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens  — This is our 16mm wide angle lens. Perfect for vlogging and wide, landscape type shots.


Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 Lens  — This is our general 55 - 210mm lens, which gets those macro, close up (but from standing further away) nature shots. This is what's going to capture the bee flying into the flower type of thing, or more detail about the mountain in the background. We also use this to shoot general white-backdrop photos of our jewelry.


DJI Mavic Air Drone — Suuuuuch an incredible and portable drone!! This is the only drone we use. It's super small and light. Love.


Zhiyun Crane — We use this crane to get super smooth, gliding shots for video. It feels like butter compared to handheld movement. We're hooked.


Samsung T5 Portable SSD - 1TB — Obsessed with this super small 1TB (!!! that's a lot of storage) backup drive. We keep everything on this guy. And it's obviously very easy and light to carry around. 


Moffo SSD / USB Hub — Tiny, easy little memory card reader. 


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