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5 Tips for Conscious Consumption

5 tips for conscious consumption // moon & rock blog

We just created a Youtube video with our TOP 5 TIPS for Conscious Consumption. Here they are in writing, for the more word-inclined (like me :-)) . . . 

Our relationship with what we consume is everything.

Put simply, conscious consumption is just the awareness of the fact that consumption is a relationship, of which you get to set the tone for. And just like any other relationship in life, we are required to a certain responsibility in showing up and being a part of it.

If you want to learn to consume more consciously and put this into practice in your life, just know that it is always an intimate, personal relationship and you have all the power to decide how that plays out for you.

From my own experience, these are the TOP 5 TIPS that I aim to implement in my daily life in order consume more consciously ~


Let your senses run wild, experience the spirit of what you want to consume, sensually rather than ideally.

Really be present with the essence of that thing, feel it and the future relationship you may have with it.

Really be present with the experience of shopping for that thing. How are you currently feeling? What’s your emotional state? What’s the emotional state of the store or website? Do you feel welcomed and inspired, or a little off put?



After you feel into it emotionally, look realistically at whether this is going to make your life simpler in some way, or just clutter it up.

And simpler doesn’t always mean less! It also means more purposeful — if something is really of high purpose and help, or is healing for us, that makes life simpler, too. That makes it a gift.



Is there something that you really want or need? Or something you find yourself wanting more often, like an expensive green juice? Learn to make it for yourself! Learn to craft something for yourself. At least try!

And just in general in life, of course allow yourself to consume! But at the same time, allow yourself to create even more. Make it an energetic balance. Put the flow of creative energy out there, and consume it back in when you feel inspired.



Let your relationship with consumption also be of service to something greater than your own wants and needs. Let it be a flow of energy that touches others, enhancing their life in some way.

Give thoughtful gifts of trinkets and things that can remind someone of you, or as a symbol of something joyful and meaningful during that time in their life. 



Really aim to have something for a really long time. Of course this doesn’t always end up being the case, and that’s okay! It’s all a part of the process in continuously pairing back to what we truly need.

But when you are consuming, imagine having whatever it is for years to come. Or at least, it’s presence being beneficial for you for years to come. Take great care of it. Repair it with love when it gets banged up. Pass it on to someone new who can appreciate it well after you’re done. 


It's that simple! I'd love to know: what are you tips for conscious consumption? What helps you feel more purposeful in what you do consume? Let me know in the comments below, or on our video here

X. M


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