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✧ New Moon on 12/17 in Sagittarius ✧

meagan moon message from the moon // new moon 12/17 in sagittarius

✧ This December's New Moon is on 12/17 in Sagittarius 


Nameless. Priceless. Purposeless. But full.
All the learning, to be humbled by who we once were. And these ideas of who we are destined to be.
Destiny? I free-fall ensuing the release of any inevitability.
Purify. And remember how to respect the pervading presence of, literally, never knowing. No stories.
All questions. Until the answers themselves become the questions, again. 
What is left? Devotion, please, instill in me the worship of literally, never knowing. Just resting.
In the sweetest purpose of exploring what feels ... purposeless.

Essences: Maturation, celebration, union, purpose, awareness, dance, purification, integration

Questions to Ask: In what areas of life am I being ushered into maturity? 

In what areas of my life am I resting in separation? How can I unify?

Do I believe in Divine Purpose? Why or why not?

What brings me a sense of purpose?

What needs to be purified from my body and being? How can I gently, yet powerfully, cleanse and renew?

What have I gathered in the past two weeks, and how can I integrate?


What to Become Aware of: What an electrifying time to be alive! As we are ushered into a new year, it is only most organic to spend time with the areas of life in which we are maturing. What lethargic attitudes need re-awakening? Each and all of us are guiding ourselves into new phases of existing, as our precious planet rounds the Sun another year. It’s a cherished time to take a good look at all the bits of ourselves — from the most Divine to the most drunkenly physical. Where are we being delusional? What reactions do we default to when confronted with past conditioning? Take time for yourself amidst the chaos. How do you desire to celebrate? Stand tall, and do just that. You, and your bits, are your only blocks.

Purpose is what we create for ourselves. And in order to embody such a mysterious thing (and to be of service to others in process) we must be so powerfully gentle with ourselves in learning how to purify and unify — to purify our emotions and bodies of what not longer serves; to unify all the aspects of this idea of who we think we are. We are everything that we can imagine, and more. To purify, we’d be fooling our brilliancy to believe that these things begin physically — there is no place else to begin but energetically. We then patiently, joyfully witness all this life stuff begin to fall into place. All of it perfect and wholesome. All of it real. 

Tap into the creative ways you know how to cleanse — become the radiant witness of the balance between your dark and your light. Remain nameless to it all. 


Begin by sitting in a deliciously quiet meditation with yourself for 5-10 minutes (or longer, if you prefer!). Light a candle in front of you. Have your pen & paper ready. Feel into all the bits of who you are — your past, present, desired future, your light, your shadow, your pleasure, your pain. Love and welcome them all. Sit until you experience a unification of these bits, as one brilliant, connected essence of You. Feel into what you intend for this essence in the coming month. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself — take your intentions one breath at a time. More than anything, really feel the spirit of your intentions. Then, write them out. Do not hold back. Whisper sweet things to them as you get them out. Go plant them in the ground. Release your attachment to them. Allow them to become subject to the elements of our Earth, and of our Universe at large. Hold this mantra in your heart — “I. Am. Whole.”

X. M


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