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HEALTH Essentials

meagan moon health essentials


Hello! Here is a complied list of the health + wellness tools I lean on either daily, or in times of imbalance. I will always be adding to this list, depending upon how my health journey evolves. These are powerful plant allies that have aided my cleansing and blossoming after 22 years on antibiotics, various vaccines, fast food and poor self-worth. They have worked together (alongside meditation and self-love) to heal my cystic acne, insomnia, severe anxiety + depression, hair loss, adrenal fatigue, the works ... My prayer is that this list will serve as a safe space for you to navigate through the medicines that have changed my life, because I know they will change your life, too.



Barley Grass Juice Powder — I use this almost daily for alkalinity, energy, a balanced appetite, a balanced metabolism, sleep regulation, immunity, strong hair + skin + nails, as a digestive aid, detoxification ... the list could go on. It tastes amazing.   


VeganSafe B12 — The only B12 I am excited to take. It tastes like ice cream. Yes. True.


Dr. Mercola Kinetic Culture for Kraut — This is the kraut starter we use because it is high in certain bacteria that promote high production of vitamin K2 during the fermentation process. K2 is SO essential for our our bones and teeth! I've been getting horrible cavities my entire life. True story, since I began using this starter (and eating it almost every day for a year straight), I haven't had a cavity. I definitely praise the K2 for this, amongst other plant-allies such as Nettle (find link below) and steamed dark leafy greens. 


Chlorella Tablets — Mmmm I love to snack on these. Chew! Don't just swallow. They are so sweet. I eat chlorella daily as a heavy metal detox. 


Vitamineral Green — My favorite greens powder. Been taking this for years.


Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C — My favorite travel (or sickness) companion.


BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin — I take every single day as an internal sunscreen!!


LiyfBiotic Probiotcs — My favorite probiotic powder.


LiyfZyme Enzymes — My favorite digestive enzymes.  




Organic Non-GMO Broccoli Sprout Seeds — The organic broccoli seeds I use for sprouts


Organic Non-GMO Sunflower Sprouting Seeds — The organic sunflower seeds I use for sprouts




Organic Rose Buds & Petals — The organic rose buds & petals I use for herbal infusions and tea. Rose is an antidepressant, an aphrodisiac, astringent, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and a powerful blood-cleaning tonic. Rose has been one of my essential cures for anxiety, depression, insomnia and acne. 


Organic Red Raspberry Leaf — Goes into my herbal infusions every single day. For powerful hormone & moon-cycle support. This is a MUST for every woman. 


Organic Nettle — Also goes into my herbal infusions every single day. For skin detoxification and powerful bone protection & strength. 


Astragalus — The Sun Potion astragalus I use for immunity, metabolism & digestion, internal skincare, and balanced energy production.


Tocos — Addicted to this stuff! The Sun Potion tocos I use as a bio-available source of vit. C, for whole body detox, for glowy skin and hair, and for tissue connectivity. I add it to smoothies, tonics (blended or sprinkled on top) for extra creaminess. 


Ashwagandha — The Sun Potion ashwagandha I take daily for adrenal health and sleep.


Reishi — The Queen Healer Shroom! For immune support, longevity and powerful stress relief. 


Cordyceps — A powerfully active adaptogen for whole body & brain oxygentation. I add cordyceps to tonics & smoothies for a gentle energy boost. It words by opening up body meridians to accept and release more oxygen, therefore re-energizing the system in the most organic way. I have found it to be incredible for my athletic stamina, mental focus, and muscle recovery. 


He Shou Wu — I take this on the daily! To thicken my hair, as internal glow-y skincare, and super antioxidant sun protection.


Chaga — King Healer Mushroom! A rich source of B-vitamins (so essentials for vegans), creates a strong source of balanced energy, and promotes whole-being well-being. Chaga is an excellent coffee substitute! 


Pine Pollen — My husband and I love love love pine pollen for hormonal support and increased libido. It revves up the metabolism, increases endurance, and detoxifies the liver.


Matcha — My favorite matcha in the whole wide world.


Triphala — My favorite Ayurvedic digestive tonic.


OmicaOrganics Stevia — My most favorite stevia for tonics & tea. 


Gynostemma Tea — I love this tea as a base for tonics! 


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