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✧ Full SuperMoon on 12/3 in Gemini ✧

meagan moon message from the moon // full super moon in gemini on 12/3


✧ This December's Full Moon is SUPER on 12/3 in Gemini 

Essences: Pachamama, presence, illumination, strength, communication, relation, consistency, refinement, service 


Questions to Ask:  How present am I throughout my day?

How connected do I presently feel to Mama Earth?

How can I interact more with Her?

Am I being consistent in how I show up for others?

Do I feel strong? Or do I feel knocked down?

Where does my strength come from?

What aspect of my life could use the illumination of Truth? And how can I communicate this better?

Am I being Myself?


What to Become Aware of:

Our last Full Moon of 2017! Full Moons are potent periods for us, especially when they are Super (such as this one) and coupled with Mercury going retrograde (such as this one). The fact that the Moon is Super means that it looks bigger in our night sky, because Earth is pulling Her closer than usual. Mercury Retrograde is our cosmic call to take a step back, think before we speak, and gently caress the deliciousness of our awareness — evaluating how it is we’re showing up for ourselves and for others. It is so important to honor our own energy at this time — to really look at what is going on in our lives and how we feel about it. What can we do if we cannot do this? How could be possibly feel that we are living our Greatest Good if we are not being truthful and vulnerable with the energy swirling within and around us? We are being called to remain as present, as aware as possible, of all that we have going on. We must become the distinction between identification and detachment. It is not that we have to particularly practice either, for doing so could just be a distraction from being who we are. We are the witness, of all the things. We must become the witness of the energy of our lives, and show up for it — standing tall, breathing deep and easy, smiling, laughing, crying. Whatever needs to be, allow it to come and to be.Full Moon’s bring up what needs to be brought up. And there is nothing to fear about that! Remember to look at all that shows up as gifts from your Divinity, to usher your human suit into embodying the fullness of what it was made to be. Remember to remain unapologetic about doing this work. You are a child of the Earth. You are of Her, and you are also of where she has come from. We are one. She is our support, and our greatest teacher in this life. Allow tonight’s Full Moon to spotlight Her pulsing intelligence — spend time with Her, and listen to what She wants to say. Let Her hold you. Hold Her.

Allow this Full Moon to show you all of your strength. Practice posture and pranayama. Abolish your mind’s concepts of time, and gift yourself the peace of flowing with what wants to flow. Do not worry about the rest. The energy of Mercury Retrograde could slow down the revelations of this Moon — allow this to be your chance to practice patience with what wants to show up for you, and when.

And above all, don’t forget to celebrate yourself! Love up on who you Truly are. Be yourself. We need you to be. Please. Know all of your worth — hold the memory of this going forth into a blessed new year. 


A Ritual to Practice: 

Pachamama Gazing. 

No matter where you live, get outside and witness how the light of the Moon shines all over the Earth. Witness the sparkles and waves of beauty that Moon’s light allows you to see. Touch the plants. Take a silent moment with yourself to become aware of what is being illuminated — or brought up to the surface — for you at this time. What Truth(s) do you feel need to be expressed? And how could you best go about doing so? Experience your inextricable connection to the Moon, to the Sun reflecting the light upon Her, to the Earth, to all of life that inhabits Her, and to the cosmos at large.

Give thanks for all your gifts and the lessons that tag along. Stand strong in your beauty.

You are timeless and ageless — you are here for Love.

You are alive.

X. M


* Artwork is by Mystic Mamma, and you can purchase this brilliant print by her here


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