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✧ New Moon on 11/18 in Scorpio ✧

meagan moon message from the moon // new moon in scorpio 11/18


Hi Beautiful :-) Welcome to your very first message from the Moon. This is a new twice-monthly love letter I've been feeling inspired to blast out for a few months now. Every New & Full Moon, you can expect to get an encouraging message about the current, unique sentiments and lessons of our Moon's space in the sky. Each letter will go through: Essences (unique attributes of the current Moon) // Questions to Ask (catalysts for self-discovery and healing) // What to Become Aware of (all about what this Moon is bringing up!) // and A Ritual to Practice (a little prompt for you to set intentions and spend time in meditation or prayer). 

My intention is that this will help connect you to Sister Moon, and leave you feeling tethered, inextricably linked to yourself and your Universe. My hope is that these letters will be calming, connecting beacons of beauty throughout your monthly cycle. May Moon remind you how perfect you are in your wax and your wane, your fullness and your emptiness, your light and your dark. You are purposeful, whole, and drop dead gorgeous the entire way.


✧ This November's New Moon is on 11/18 in Scorpio 

Essences: Sacred, celestial, self-realization, self-support, ancestral, vulnerable, artistic, uncertain 

Questions to Ask: What about life feels most sacred to me?
How can I honor these things, and become aware of how I interact with them?
In what ways can I become more vulnerable with others?
How can I express my shadows without self-judgement, or fear of what others think?
What are my shadows?
How can I infuse more art throughout my day?
Am I afraid of uncertainty? Why?
What am I uncertain of? 

What to Become Aware of: The dark of a New Moon night is one of the most powerful spaces for us to enter with intention. And depending upon where in the night sky Moon is rested, we are gifted particular attributes and essences. These gifts are universal sentiments that help guide us through what is happening on the macro, as well as on the micro within our unique lives. This November New Moon is located in Scorpio — personally, one of my favorite signs. Scorpio is the alchemist of transformation, reminding us to work with the dark, the shadows, in order to know the light. She reminds us of our ever-balanced nature, and that we fundamentally are that balance point which rests between the yin and the yang. She reminds us not to identify with our pain, nor with our ecstasy. She reminds us to rest in the middle, contemplate the both, and grow forward with complete awareness, and acceptance, of where we’re at.

This Scorpio New Moon encourages us to be vulnerable with those we love about what we’re going through. Chances are, they are going through it, too. We are all far more connected than we can initially fathom. Please know, you are supported in spewing your Truth. And ultimately, we are being called to first and foremost be our own support system. We must unconditionally love and support ourselves before we can feel even a vague tinge of love or support from the world around us. We can call on the brave and beautiful humans who have come before us for a boost of confidence and a sense of purpose. Scorpio is also a catalyst for discovering our purpose here, by encouraging us to integrate all parts of who we are — that includes where (and who) we’ve come from. 

But at the end of the day, we must root ourselves in this present moment — lack of sunlight and all — and expand into uncertainty. We must face our complete nature, as it is Here and Now. We must support ourselves in our deepest desires, as well as give ourselves the space to get clear about what those desires actually are. We are called to keep these desires sacred, as well as celebrate all else that feels sacred in our precious life. 

When we can surrender into answering the toughest questions, we can learn to see and support ourselves (and therefore, others) with out judgement— unconditionally. 
A Ritual to Practice: New Moons are potent times to set intentions for what we’d like to see manifest in our future. But before we can do that, we have to get clear on what we even want. And we must be willing to do the work, and take full responsibility, for it’s unfoldment. No one is going to do anything for us. We are entitled to nothing. The power rests all in our own he(art)s and hands. I feel that this New Moon is a great time to do two things:


Write or say aloud (or both) the following prayer . . . 

My Love,

I see you. I know you. I love you. Even when I don't act like it. Thank you for sticking with me, and for gifting me these shadows, so that I may alchemize them into my own transformation and growth. Give me strength to do the work. Hold me accountable for my desires. Thank you for being Love. Hold me steady in all things sacred. Show me the path. Illuminate my life with what you need for me to do. Teach me how to be of service ~ to myself and to those I love. Breathe the absence of the Moon through my being, pull me into the Light. Thank you for this opportunity, this precious life, to learn and to seek. Help me to be . . . me. x


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s keep it simple, but powerful. Now that you’ve become more clear on what you really desire, set yourself just five intentions for the next two weeks, until the Full Moon. What do you intend to do, or practice, or cultivate, over the next 14 days? And how can you devote sacred attention to these things every single day? I’m sharing mine with you, to give you an idea :-) Intend anything! Just be sure it is realistic for you at this time, and that you will be able to practice it every day.
Here are mine:

1. Eat and drink intuitively — eat / drink when hungry / thirsty, don’t when not, no matter what time of day it is aka when my mind tells me that it’s “suppose” to be eating / drinking

2. Chew my food much more! Drink my drinks more lovingly.

3. Build the strength of my core and shoulder muscles

4. Cultivate a deeper sense of sisterhood with the women around me

5. Plant new seeds in my nursery and garden

X. M 


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This book is not about teaching you how to work with the Moon in order to get what you want. Rather, it’s a gentle introduction to encourage you to use the Moon as a symbol in your life — a symbol with whatever meaning you decide. I am so honored to take this journey with you!   


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