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✧ New Moon on 11/7 in Scorpio ✧

new moon in scorpio on 10/7 moon and rock

✧ This November's New Moon on 11/7 is in Scorpio 


Essences: Rebirth, release, intuition, guidance, clarity, focus, foundation


Questions to Ask: What currently feels like it needs to be released in my life?

How open do I feel to this release? Where am I still holding on?

Am I afraid of this release? If so, why? If not, why not?

What is currently exciting me about my future? What do I find myself daydreaming of most?

What practices help me to feel clear headed and clear hearted? Have I given myself the gift of practicing them in a while? If not, how could I make some space to get back into them?

Where do I feel grounded right now? Where / what is my foundation?

Do I trust that I am being guided? If so, what do I feel that I am being guided by? If not, then why not?


What to Become Aware of: Where oh where are we going to land? Under the darkness of this very feminine New Moon, each of us (male and female) are being called to release in order for rebirth. The alchemical magic of following our intuitive pings, even (and most especially when) they feel painful and clashing with our beliefs (those ideals and attachments we hold so dear) is the juicy stuff that true transformation and life purpose is made of. What adventures lie ahead of your release of what's no longer working? Tonight is a wonderful and sacred time to sit with yourself, your family, or your dearest friends to create simple ceremony or ritual around your movement from one thing, to another. Honor this movement — honor where you've been and how generous it's been for you, and honor where you're going and all that beauty that is still to be seen. Really get clear on what it is that needs to be released. What habits, patterns, places, people, things once worked so beautifully for you, but no longer do? This is not easy work. It most definitely is not for me  I am really going through it just as much as you right now. The answer to this seemingly simple, but radically profound question is so much more than an answer, because braving up to answer it can manifest a life altering direction. Your courage in getting honest with yourself here will not go unnoticed by the forces who guide you.

Do you trust that you are being guided? Allow moments of paralyzed confusion and chaos to be your very loud alarm bell, in waking you back up to remembering how intimately and inextricably connected you are with all that is  the seen and the unseen forces that make this universe go 'round. Remember that your intuition is not separate from the intuition (the inherent knowing and creative force) of the entire Universe. The matter of our bodies are, in fact, made up of more than 70% dust from the center's (the heart's) of stars. Scientists have confirmed this! If we are physically this connected, why would it make sense for us to energetically be anything but the same? Remember that your inner knowing is loved, it is supported, and it is celebrated by so much more than what your eyes can see. There are grand things coming on the other side of your decision making. Take flight into the unknown. Fall intuition first into the adventure that scares you the most. This is your alchemy. This is where you transform. This is where you come fully alive.


A Ritual to Practice: Saying YES.

I learned a very powerful lesson while giving birth last month (well, I learned a lot, this is just one). It is that the power of saying YES  either internally or aloud  during moments of profound difficulty opens us up in ways that don't mentally need to understand. The energy of just YESing it up when really, our pain body wants to say NO, STOP, ENOUGH, is the energy of real release to make way for positive transformation. Saying YES is a profound tool for both our inner and outer alchemy. This practice is imbued with gratitude. It is saying THANK YOU universe for this moment, for this depth, as I know that it is loving and it is going to do nothing but catalyze my blossoming  my beautiful growth.

Today, and all days, practice this as much as you are able. When those moments of difficulty arise, just say YES. Find rest within. Watch what unfolds. 


* image via @lucetteromy



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