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✧ Full Moon on 11/23 in Gemini ✧

full moon in gemini on 11.23 moon and rock blog

✧ This November's Full Moon on 11/23 is in Gemini 



Essences: Manifestation, conversation, sensitivity, stimulation, aesthetic, seeding, harmony

Questions to Ask: How have I been feeling over the past two weeks? What have been the highest moments? What have been the lowest?

Do I find myself feeling like a victim to how others treat me, or to the direction my life is going? If so, why? 

What are the top three things I currently desire to manifest for my life?

What daily steps am I taking to manifest these dreams?

How open, honest, and authentic do my conversations with others feels? How could I practice being more open, honest, and authentic in how I express?

What aesthetic does my unique essence desire to project in life? What does my essence desire to surround itself with?

Where does my life feel out of harmony? What daily practices can I cultivate to help everything feel more re-centered and re-aligned (even when it’s chaos)?


What to Become Aware of: Remember all the change and transformation that flooded you on our last New Moon just two weeks ago? It all may not yet have come full circle, but the way we work with it at this Full Moon can certainly nudge us further down our path to clarity, acceptance, and celebration of the new. This shining Moon is creating sacred space for us to take inventory of what has transpired over the past days, and to take an honest look at how we desire to work with it. How can we really dance symbiotically with the circumstances that surround us? How can we really release that victim mentality and own our part (no matter how small) in it all? This Full Moon is calling us to plant powerful seeds for manifest dreams — to get that much clearer on the directions of our new horizons, and their purpose for ourselves and the ones we love. Where are you headed? And how do you feel about it? We have to own up to what we’ve chosen — to stand taller, breathe deeper, and to create more than we consume. The beauty and authenticity of our intuitive essence desires to be expressed fiercely and unapologetically in all areas of life; in conversation, in how we feed ourselves, in how we curate our homes and office spaces … in all the things. Allow the light of this night to be an opportunity to clear out cluttered spaces (both energetically and physically) so that your most unique you can shine through. Leave your gorgeous imprint on everywhere you touch, and on everyone you meet. 

We also may be feeling particularly sensitive to the stimulation of this Moon, because Full Moons no doubt are that. On these nights it’s often harder to sleep deep, and we may have more ruminating mental chatter and nervous system overload than we’re use to on the dark hibernations of New Moons. But again, this is what we’re called to work with. This is about us playing our part in the weaving of dreams. Sister Moon's sways on our bodies and beings is our medicine — twice a month we are gifted this opportunity to peer deeper into ourselves and into our environments. Now is the time to celebrate all that is to come. Now is the time to honor and own up to where we are going. Now is the time to shine — just as brilliantly as our nightlight in the sky.


A Ritual to Practice: Guiding Signs

This is a gorgeous ritual that I pulled from my Moon Deck this morning. It comes from the card with the affirmation "I am on the right path and divinely guided." The ritual states ~

Spiritual guidance is abundantly available to you. As you deepen your bond to this loving force, you'll be able to better distinguish truth and chatter.

This two-part ritual will enhance your connection to the presence of Spirit in your life and can be used anytime:

  • Ask + Receive: Ask Great Spirit or your Spirit Guides to be in your life with more clarity and presence. Welcome 'only the most loving, supportive, and reliable guides.' You can treat this as a meditation or an intuitive journaling ritual. Be relaxed and patient with this process; be receptive to whatever is revealed. Ask again as needed.
  • Daily Awareness: Pay attention to the synchronistic signs and symbols in your daily life. What repeats itself: a feather on your path, a pattern of numbers, an awakened instinct, a certain page in a book, a series of coincidences that lead you to a realization? Validate these affirmative moments so they continue to arrive.


* image via @nitsacitrine



⟡ Have you downloaded Meagan's Intuitive Moon E-Book? This little book is intended to serve as your appetizer to these bi-monthly love letters. 

This book is not about teaching you how to work with the Moon in order to get what you want. Rather, it’s a gentle introduction to encourage you to use the Moon as a symbol in your life — a symbol with whatever meaning you decide. I am so honored to take this journey with you!   

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