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✧ New Moon on 12/7 in Sagittarius ✧

✧ This December's New Moon on 12/7 is in Sagittarius 


“How might I orient my life to a sense of what I regard as meaningful and precious?”
— Mukti


Essences: Boundaries, adjustment, guidance, inspiration, consciousness, spirit, self-care 


Questions to Ask: Just as Mukti so beautifully inquired, so should we in asking, How might I orient my life to a sense of what I regard as meaningful and precious? And what exactly do I hold meaningful and precious at this time?

In what current circumstances do I need to set some boundaries with others? Do I feel that I am able to stand up for myself? If not, how could I better do so?

What signs have I been gifted recently that are telling me to make an adjustment? What area of life is this coming up in?

How do I feel about adjustment? Am I afraid of the unknown, or excited about it?

What inspires me right now? What are my resources for seeking out inspiration?

What practice can I gift myself today that will help me to go within my own consciousness and find peace?

Where do I see spirit flowing through life? What plants, objects, people, situations am I finding the most life and guidance in?

What is my favorite form of self care? Am I practicing it often enough? If not, then why not?


What to Become Aware of: There is spirit flowing through everything. Even the rocks aren’t dead. Nothing is as mundane as our mind perceives it to be. Everything is full. Everything is alive. And during this time, it will be so helpful for us to come back into communion with the spirit — the life force — within the things that we hold sacred and dear. As muddy and sunken as days can feel, where is the radiance of our lotus? Where are our callings for transformation and the promise of blossoming beauty? We act in a symbiotic dance with the life force around us — it is within us, and we within it. The inspiration we seek is merely a mirror of what already exists at the heart of our path. And yet, our practice is to keep opening up to this. Opening up to what helps us feel full in our authentic expression, and purposeful in our work and art. We have to sit with ourselves. We have to get quiet, get inquisitive, get curious about what’s living within us and how it’s interacting with (or creating) our reality. New Moons are our times for dark inner discovery. New Moons are delicious, as we get this chance to taste our own consciousness and feel supported by nature in doing so. We have to go to consciousness to find our alignment, our purpose, our beauty, amidst the mud of life.

Such is our world today — knotted and intermingled — that it is so easy to slip into projection. We use our words to express our feelings about our opinions on someone else’s life and path and direction. Our heart’s our pure, our intentions are just, because we all believe what we need to believe in order for reality to make sense. But the big trouble rains down when we begin projecting our personal beliefs about what’s best onto others, telling them (unconsciously or not) what they need to do with their life. We have to become aware of the ways in which we do this to others, and this starts by understanding our communication — are we conversing with support and acknowledgement, holding space for someone to simply express, or are we conversing with strong opinions backed up by belief? There is a difference, and we are able to feel it when we do it or when it is done to us. And when it is done to us, we must learn to hold our center and boundaries of protection from projection. And by boundaries, I mean internal boundaries about what we allow to get to us and what we don’t. It is up to us whether we let something affect us and sway our decision making or not. We can choose to hold true to our truth, and let someone else’s ideals be their ideals and no one else’s. We can choose to not take on the beliefs of those we love, but rather continue to get curious about our own and take our steps down our unique path from there. 

May we take care of ourselves today, and all days. On this New Moon, may we allow ourselves some time to engage in a self-care practice or ritual that brings us the delicious comfort of a peaceful consciousness. May we not feel pressured to have to do this every day, but to realize how amazing it makes us feel. May we set the intention to gift ourselves this feeling as often as we need. We are precious. Our temples are sacred. Spirit is flowing through us. We are connected with it all. 


A Ritual to Practice: The intention candle

Spend some time in meditation, focusing on your core desires and inspiration at this time. Give yourself space to really listen to your inner voice and feelings.

Once you feel some clarity, continue with this ritual:

  • Set up your space with a candle, something to carve with such as a thin wooden stick or needle, and essential oils that reflect your intention.
  • Slowly carve words or symbols into your candle, focusing on your core desire + intention. Some ideas are: Health, Gratitude, Prosperity, Love, Joy, Inspiration, Family. Or be more specific with a goal or project you’re manifesting, or a mantra. Be creative, concise, and follow your intuition.
  • Anoint your candle with your oil, using your fingertips to draw lines or patterns. 
  • Light your candle and envision your intention clearly as you bask in its glow.
  • Seal your ritual with gratitude and blow our your candle.
  • Revisit this meditation regularly until your candle burns out. 


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