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✧ Full Moon on 10/24 in Taurus ✧

full moon in taurus on 10/24 meagan moon / moon & rock

✧ This October's Full Moon on 10/24 is in Taurus 


Essences: Courage, change, inspiration, presence, empathy, intimacy, nourishment


Questions to Ask: Where am I being called to be courageous in my life?

In what ways is my life currently changing? And how do I feel about it?

How do I typically handle change? Is there anything I can do differently this time?

What is currently inspiring me? What gets my creative juices flowing?

Where is my presence and attention required right now? How present do I actually feel for it?

What helps me to feel present?

Where could I use more intimacy in my life? How can I ask for what I need?

Do I feel nourished, both physically and emotionally?

What kind of nourishment do I feel called to right now?


What to Become Aware of: The only constant is change, and right now, this may feel like a confusing blessing. All is the waxing and waning dance with divine will. This is our Hunter’s Full Moon, bounteous with change and transformation. We may find ourselves feeling particularly worn out while this Moon illuminates our presence and courage to pull through all the sticky adjustments that come with change. Attention is everything this week — when we engage in rituals and activities that bring us back into the moment, into our breath, into our purpose and peace, we find that we are better able to handle the stressors that being alive simply brings. How can we alchemize our perspective on what currently feels hard, into inspiration and determination for a nourishing future? And how can we best nourish ourselves during these times, so that we don’t physically burn out? Full Moons are beautiful times to remember to care for ourselves, so tonight, please do just that. They are times of gratitude and celebration. Take a few extra minutes to care for yourself and all that you are grateful for, by nourishing yourself with what you currently feel drawn to. This could be with a type of food or drink, certain herbs and oils, certain movements or exercises. This could also be through intimacy with a friend, your partner, or a family member — speak what you feel and ask for what you emotionally need, as we often need hints from each other on how to best nourish each other.

In your few moments of caring for yourself, also tap into the pings of inspiration that have been coming through you. What do you day dream of? What have you been itching to get into, but haven’t yet? Be present with your inspirations by taking one simple step in manifesting them — an easy and wonderful way to do this is simply by writing or speaking them out. Give them life by brining them into your physicality. Your thoughts become things, so let the inspiring ones flood through.


A Ritual to Practice: Body Love Rub

Allow this ritual to infuse your entire body with the nourishing and beautifying energy of self-love. Use your favorite body oil or organic lotion. 

  • After a bath or shower, gently pat yourself dry.
  • Lovingly and methodically massage your body, from feet to head, telling each and every body part “I love you!”
  • Begin by rubbing your oil into your feet and say, “I love you feet.” Continue to move up your body, “I love you ankles… I love you calves… I love you thighs… I love you hips… etc.” Even if it is challenging, spend extra time massaging the parts you don’t normally appreciate. Be generous and intentional with yourself.
  • End with the Lotus Mudra (hands in prayer, pressing pinky to thumb edge together and splaying other fingers wide like a blossoming lotus) a hand position that heals the heart and strengthens connection to self-love. Repeat the mantra “I love you body” three times. 


* image via @kelcipotter



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