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New Moon in Pisces || February 20

new moon in pisces 2/20

The urge to slip beneath the waves, to disappear in the delicious depths, to be renewed by the mineral-rich purity of the sea.

Quite literally, the idea of disappearing into a watery realm of expanse and undiscovered beauty sounds absolutely lovely right about now. But alas, we are not evolutionarily evolved to survive such conditions. It would literally be our demise. And so right here we must stand, to face the density and depths of the land and of our own hearts and lives. Where we must communicate clearly, everything out in the wide open air, up for investigation.

So how do we balance these desires to both slip away, and to rise in grounding and presence? How do we dance between our human self and energetic self? What is the self-generated expansiveness we can dwell in, so that a true escape is no longer desirable or necessary?

We all need a break right about now. A homecoming. A very simple homecoming, and again, not an escape. We need space for spiritual hygiene, to understand what is in our control and what is not. To come into acceptance of that, and to find zest in holding our own frequency. To be our own light. To see everything in a new light. This is a choice.

What aspects of self-care, for both humanness and spiritualness, can we commit to right now? Where can we begin? What are we ready to release? It is a beautiful time to make an energetic commitment with ourselves about what we are ready for, and how we promise to tend to ourselves going forward.

Is there a new way we are ready to walk in the world? Are there habits we are ready to break / new ones we are ready to make? Is there something we are finally ready to create? Piscean New Moons are powerful emergences, births, chapters and times. They are delicately encouraging and supportive of self-realization. Dive in. But dive in with the intention of bringing up the gems which help you to be more present and clear in your humanness. Realize the full spectrum beauty of all your selves. Rest in the depths of your own peace.

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