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Full Moon in Leo || February 5

image is Lioness of the Serengeti National Geographic | April 1969

The courage it takes to soften in rather than harden up. The confidence unearthed to honor and respect ourselves for all that has shaped who we are today. The awareness required to be willing to step up the next level that life calls us to.

These are the deep and altering sentiments imbuing our lives at this Full Moon, and mid-way in lunar eclipses. This is shoulders back, chin high, limbs outstretched to both give and receive. No slumping around. No dragging ourselves along. This bright Moon is full of flowering heart chakra stamina.

May you sink into a calmer, clearer vision onward and lead with love. Lead with so much love. Be the frequency of kindness that your most triggering moments need. Be the spark of joy that absolutely nothing can put out. Move the way that love moves. Become strength in softness fully embodied.

Come back to yourself, elegantly yet alert. The heart really is the anchor now. Come back to that literal point in space as your anchor again and again, and again. Place your hands there as often as you need. Wear your favorite amulet right over it in reminder of its influence and function. Visualize the potential held there, as a divine anchor, with everything that you are flowing directly from it. Held in place in upmost courage and love.

Courage to be ourselves in a time of overwhelming external influence. Courage to pull from our own inner resources first and foremost, before seeking external validation. We can be our own greatest inspirations, when we are tender enough to hold our hearts and listen.

How will you get quiet and clear under the illumination of this beautiful Moon? How will you fall deeply in love with yourself again? Will you take yourself out dancing in the moonlight?

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