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Full Moon in Virgo || March 7

full moon in virgo march 7

The dance between body and spirit, between dreams and realities, between letting go and letting in, between resistance and the muse — the spaces in-between are what are being illuminated at this time, to be seen in the light of consciousness.

There are new solutions to age-old problems, practical processes or planning to do. And yet there is a deep surrender and trust that we are being asked to sink into now, as we follow what simply *feels* right while doing our very best to tend to what is practically possible.

With four planets in Pisces, intuitive longings are very strong, and with Moon in Virgo, our care and keeping of responsibities and of the physical body are unavoidable.

How can we listen to gut instinct, run where it calls, ward off anything that doesn’t pull on the harp strings of the heart, and yet still take proper care of the matters of our homes, bank accounts, bodies, relationships? What is that balance for us? What supports our listening and answering?

Virgo Moons are always a beautiful mind body spirit melt. We can assess what is really working, what is making life run beautifully and smoothly, as well as assess what isn’t working, what is making life harder and where there are blockages and stagnancy.

Maybe there are some daily habits that we need to rework in order to better serve our energy and work flow. We should tend now to what enhances our perspective of gratitude and beauty, what ignites our creativity.

What mundane tasks can we weave more magic into? What routines can we transform into rituals? Now is the time to bring back the sparkle. Light up your own life with the warmth of your inner light.

This is a sweet time to get grounded in our longings by making them physically manifest — so writing out wild ideas, making lists, making plans, doing more research, connect more pieces, finally making a decision! There is powerful decision making energy in the air now. Now may be the time to finally say yes, or no, to something we may have been sitting on for a long time. There is a strong confidence, a real “go for it and you will succeed!” energy.

May we stay focused on what our hearts know as right, and live as a walking prayer of alignment in action.

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