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Equinox & New Moon in Aries || March 21


Equinox & New Moon in Aries || 3/21

Here we dwell in the ever-equanimous present moment portal of Equinox all over our planet! Here in the Northern Hemisphere we welcome the tender new buds of Spring, and in the Southern Hemisphere, the leaves will begin to fall off the tress. All in all, this equal day / equal night ushers in a beginning again.  

Buckle up, straighten up, eyes open and onward as the dance of the cosmos takes our hand and asks for us to finally step into and own the powerful changes that have been culminating within us for years. This is a beginning, a refresh, a positively irreversible regeneration.

There may be profound realizations arising now, starting in our own energetic field. We can witness the way we have been showing up energetically and choose to come home to ourselves in a new way. There is a ancient Vedic parable that I want to share here that feels so resonant with what the inner journey of this dark Moon brings us:

In this story, the deer is attracted by a beautiful aroma that is always in the air. But though she hunts for it far and wide, she never discovers its source. The sad-eyed deer doesn’t know that the irresistible scent is musk from her own belly. Only when she looks within will she find the perfection she seeks.

We may feel like we are really being birthed anew and coming out into the world as a brand new being. We can witness what we are truly here to offer. We understand our divine, purposeful, joyful place in the scheme of things. We are granted trust in the path that we have witnessed being laid before us for quite some time now … and it is finally time to move right along and really get the show on the road.

What do you sense has been shifting, transforming, building for you?

What aspects of self feel like they are really beginning anew?

Where are you being asked to level up in life, step into deeper trust and show up with fire?

What are you so passionate about brining new life into right now?

Gut instinct, longings, the same little heart sparks of joy that visit us from time to time, these are the aspects we are called to tend to within ourselves, just as the planting of a brand new garden in the Spring. The little seeds of our souls eventually sprout into fragrant blossoms of really practical beauty in this world that not only benefit ourselves, but greatly benefit the collective awakening consciousness on our planet.

Begin that project! Sink tenderly into the *ahhh finally* energy we are given at this New Moon. Bask in the deliciousness of your own musk — your own inner knowing and enteral beauty.

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