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Full Moon in Libra || April 6

full moon in libra 4.6.23 astrology atone moon musings

Full Moon in Libra || April 6

Come back to your center, my love. You let yourself drift too far. Come back into balancing the many gorgeous aspects of your dynamic, cyclical nature, all upon the delicate axis of your wild heart.

If you feel that your energy has reached an ultimate fraying point, if you feel that the edges of your capacities are relatively non-existent and you’re wide open and vulnerable to every little trigger, if you feel like you’ve been carrying it all alone, if you’ve been stuck in the mud, if you know in your bones that there is a fresh perspective shift coming in hot …

The very harmonious nature of this Full Moon can illuminate that fresh perspective and, if we so will it, change everything. In the best of ways.

Now is a time to get ourselves back into a psycho-emotional balance. Tune into your practices that help you to come back to yourself! Whatever helps you to breathe deeper and release. Where can you get support? How can you support others? This is collaborative energy — we really aren’t meant to go at it alone.

Much of the source of our frayed energy now may come from having stretched ourselves so thin, with good intention, because we long to step into greater expression of our gifts and dreams. But to do so in a rushed, scrambled, urgent manner will not give us the results we actually seek.

What we can remember now is that it is in our easeful, graceful, balanced approach that we truly thrive, and life surprises us with more beauty and support than we could have ever fully comprehended. Release into the mystery, and witness the beauty. How much more fun is it to really release control and allow what will be to be? Easier said than done, but presence (where there is great mystery) always feels so much better than control (which is an illusion anyhow).

Where exactly do you need to bring in more balance? Where do you need to bring in ease? Where is life surprising you right now? Where can you both offer, and receive support? Where can you soften in and release control?

I think I know where …

All upon the delicate axis of your wild heart. Come on home.

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