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⚘ New Moon in Libra 10/6

new moon in libra 10/6 moon + rock astrology 2021
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» This October's NEW MOON on 10/6 is in Libra « 

Oct 6 4:05am PDT / 7:05am EDT / 10:05am AET / 12:05pm BST


⚘ Essences

Animated, motivated, symmetrical, grounded, collaborative, present 


⚘ Questions to Ask

What actions do I take on a daily basis that are starting to feel like a means to an end?

How can I bring greater presence and joy into these actions?

What helps me to find and feel balance?

What am I saying yes to today?


⚘ What to Become Aware of

A truly invigorating, energizing New Moon we have here! Balanced and diplomatic Libra is grounding us into our interactions with all of life — with fellow humans, with projects, with habits, with Spirit. There is a heightened sense now of how we collaborate with the world and where that “how” is taking us. Not liking your “how”? Take the initiative to change it. It really is how we do things that matters the most. It is too easy to get caught up in our actions being a tedious means to an end — a future end that our minds are fixated on and thus living in, though it doesn’t exist. Come back into the Now. Ground into this Here and Now. Remember your actions as offerings and enjoy the flow of energy that each breath contains. I’d love to share this passage from Eckhart Tolle —

“Here is the key: End the delusion of time. Time and mind are inseparable. Remove time from the mind and it stops — unless you choose to use it. To be identified with your mind is to be trapped in time: the compulsion to live almost exclusively through memory and anticipation. This create an endless preoccupation with past and future and an unwillingness to honor and acknowledge the present moment and allow it to be. The compulsion arises because the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, or fulfillment in whatever form. Both are illusions.

… In the absence of psychological time, your sense of self is derived from Being, not from your personal past. Therefore, the psychological need to become anything other than who you are already is no longer there. In the world, on the level of your life situation, you may indeed become wealthy, knowledgeable, successful, free of this or that, but in the deeper dimension of Being you are complete and whole Now.”

We are cosmically inspired now to move forward in our lives from a space of deeper being-ness, where the masculine and the feminine are divinely balanced within us in a co-creative dance of presence. We may feel quite energized at this time, ready to discover greater zest in our fluctuations day to day, remembering that all arises and falls away in divine time (especially when we release our control over psychological time). Witness the themes arising in your life now, and take good care of them.

From this space of deeper presence, we may find ourselves solving problems or coming up with more creative solutions to discussions that have been ongoing for us in recent months. There is an initiative energy here where we are ready to just make a decision, take a risk, take a leap, without fear of where we will land. Even if the leap doesn’t land us where we think we want to be, we can trust that Life will always lead us into the next divine opportunity for growth and creation.

As Molly Mccord has shared about this New Moon in Libra, there is huge YES energy. So what are you saying YES to? When you commit, when you hold this YES frequency, present moment progress is made and it is poignantly experienced.

Experience life today! Experience this breath more vibrantly than you did the last one. What new dimension can you witness emanating from the natural world today? What refined awareness can you bring to your most mundane actions today?

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