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⚘ Full Moon in Pisces 9/20

full moon in pisces 9/20 moon + rock astrology 2021
art is Georgia O'Keeffe "Nude Series" 1917

» This September's FULL MOON on 9/20 is in Pisces « 

Sept 20 4:54pm PST / 7:54pm EST

Sept 21 12:54am BST / 9:54am AEST


◯ Essences

Contemplative, restorative, transmutation, clarity, energetics, synergy, boundaries


◯ Questions to Ask

What would more balance in my daily life feel like right now? What would it look like?

How does my body feel called to deeper nourishment? What can I give to my body at this time to nourish it best?

Do I feel a need to set clearer boundaries? If so, what are they and how may I most lovingly express them?

What stagnant energy am I ready to release?


◯ What to Become Aware of

We are swimming in a sea of higher contemplation. If we allow ourselves to tune in now, we will be gifted with clearer insight into what is resonating with our growth and with what we needs to released. There may be a cathartic, deep release at this Moon portal. Whether subtle or not so subtle, we may feel this most directly in our physical bodies through the urge for more rest and nourishment. Take this week to get restorative, whether that means sleeping longer or just taking time to do activities that bring your nervous system relief (like walking quietly in nature, swimming in a body of water, drinking more water, reading an expansive book…).

In this Moon portal we may have moments of recognition of our complete readiness to release energetic burdens which aren’t fostering inspiration and support in our lives. It may be very clear right now what is uplifting, and what is distracting. We may need to set clearer boundaries first with ourselves, and then with others, about how we spend our time and energy. Where have we been over-giving or compromising our values just because it feels easier to in the moment? May we feel into the future here for ways that we may sustainably balance our boundaries and consistently care for our own body and energy.

We are encouraged to tune in now to what is most supportive, and to recognize that we have more of it than we think. We have allies — human, plant, animal, cosmic, beyond — that are unconditionally here to guide and love us through these complicated times. And similarly, we are encouraged to recognize the ways in which we support others in ways that feel most effortless and refreshing to us. How do we feel called to love up on the world around us, without neglecting our own needs in the process?

This week, may we lean deeper in to what supports our balance best. It is from this balanced space of juicy nourishment that intuition is heightened and heart is open. Be tender with yourself. Lay down with yourself and rest for a time. Rejuvenate under the brilliant flame of this Full Moon. Deep release is coming, and you are ready.


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