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We Are Climate Neutral Certified!

Moon + Rock’s Commitment

We are so honored to announce that Moon + Rock is officially Climate Neutral Certified! This means that we have joined 300+ brands in continuously measuring, offsetting and reducing all of the carbon required to produce and deliver our products to you around the world.

Why is this important to us, and why do we believe it should be important to you too?

Climate change is the single biggest threat not only to humanity, but to the beauty of Mother Earth as we know it. Becoming certified means that we offset our entire 2020 carbon footprint through carbon credits to fund climate change solutions. Through these credits we have supported seven projects focused on advancing renewable energy generation, dispersal of efficient cookstoves, and forest conservation around the world. Each project is independently verified, ensuring that they are effectively protecting our sacred climate.

It’s no secret that 2020 was a challenging year for business. In the face of unexpected obstacles, radical pivots, and new ways of working, we’ve learned that we are able to face big challenges as individuals, a team, and a society. Globally, we emit almost 60 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. These are the carbon emissions that cause climate change, and the beauty industry is responsible for a big chunk of these emissions due to the resources required to make and deliver hand-held products. 

If we don’t take responsibility for this problem now, then there’s no way we’ll hit the 2050 goals set out by the Paris Climate Agreement. These are make-or-break goals. Reach them, and we avoid the devastating effects of climate change. Miss them, and life on Earth will change for billions of people. 

We’re acting now because scientifically-vetted solutions to climate change exist, and they are completely accessible to brands like us.



Responsibility, sustainability, and low-waste have been at the heart of Moon + Rock since day one. We have always had a keen conscience for the impact we leave through interactions all along our supply chain — from R&D to products arriving in your hands. We measured our 2020 carbon footprint at just 22 tCO2e. To arrive at this number, we looked at all of the emissions created from our operations including supply chain emissions, brand material resources, employees, utilities, business travel, and shipping.



We "zeroed-out" these emissions by purchasing 22 carbon credits. The credits we selected are all Mother Earth supportive solutions, backing seven projects which work to conserve forest ecosystems in Papua New Guinea, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico.



We created a Reduction Action Plan to keep us accountable for continuing to lower our carbon emissions as our company grows. This is a specific plan which will be implemented within the next 12-24 months. We are sharing this in full transparency with you here.

We are sharing the details of our process for two reasons: 1) Our customers deserve transparency, and we want to show how we’re working to live up to our claims of climate responsibility. 2) We hope that other brands will see what we did and become inspired to take action. We are more than happy to address any questions about what it takes to become Climate Neutral Certified! Please reach out to us at and we'll get back to you.


To the Future!

Starting today, all of our products will bear the Climate Neutral Certified label. The label is essentially shorthand for the process outlined above. Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral says, “Consumers hold massive power to shape the economy, and their power is exerted through the actions of the brands they support. With our climate label, we’re helping consumers find the brands that are willing to invest immediately in climate solutions.” 

The 300+ brands certified so far this year all went through the same many months long process to measure, offset, and reduce their emissions, neutralizing about 700,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. These companies offer products and services across a wide range of industries, from apparel to media. Next time you’re considering a new product, keep an eye out for the Climate Neutral Certified label! To learn more about Climate Neutral and other brands committed to climate action, please visit


Who is Climate Neutral?

Climate Neutral is a non-profit organization working to decrease global carbon emissions by getting brands to measure, offset, and reduce the carbon they emit. They believe consumers and brands must work together to drive the world toward the zero net emissions future that science tells us we urgently need. When a brand gets certified, it achieves zero net carbon emissions for all of the carbon it creates while making and delivering its products or services for a year. The Climate Neutral Certified label makes it easy for consumers to find certified brands. They envision a world where all consumers have the ability to choose brands that take responsibility for their carbon emissions, and all brands have the tools to do so.


Let's Act Together!

The sooner that every business — both big and small (like us) — gets Climate Neutral certified and does their responsible part in offsetting their carbon emissions, the sooner we can slow and stop climate change. We hope that by becoming certified ourselves, we will inspire others in this industry to do the same. Our hope for the future is that every brand that you buy from should have a Climate Neutral label on their products!

We have been deeply inspired by the lush and vibrant landscape of the islands of Hawai’i, where we operate from. Our facilities here have always been 100% solar-powered with water supplied through rain catchment. Our employees have always worked from home. We believe that less is more both in our skincare routine, and in our wider consumption habits. Since the beginning, our packaging has been as minimal and recyclable as possible, with a heavy focus on minimizing single-use plastic resources all along our supply chain. We are honored and excited to discover new ways to implement our vision of sustainability, responsibility, and care for our Mother Earth by partnering with Climate Neutral.

Through your support with each sale, one dollar will also be donated to One Tree Planted to root one new tree being somewhere on our Mother Earth where it is needed most.

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