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» New Moon 1/12-13 in Capricorn «


art is Pyke Koch, Steenbok, Netherlands 1944

» This January's NEW MOON on 1/12-13 is in Capricorn « 

Jan 12 9:00pm PST

Jan 13 12:00am EST / 5:00am GMT / 4:00pm AEST

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Reprogramming, seeding, endurance, application, support, voyage, evolutionary


Questions to Ask

What am I reprogramming from 2020?

What is the most profound lesson I learned in 2020? How can I apply that to my work in 2021?

How were some of my relationships reprogrammed / transformed in 2020?

What practices best me in tapping into my own inner resources of knowledge + intuition?

Who and what are my priorities right now? How can I best give them care?

What does "self-respect" mean to me? What does it practically look like in my everyday life?


What to Become Aware of

Here we are! I want to begin with honoring the myriad ways in which we have all initiated ourselves into this new chapter over the last months. Deep bows and respect to each of you precious souls for the mountains you have summited, the rushing rivers you have crossed, all bare-footed and stripped clean of resources which once seemed so easily accessible, but are now wholly out-of-order. I am here with you, weathering storm after storm of both personal and collective recalibration. As we commence this new year with a brilliantly tenacious Capricorn New Moon, I want to hold down this seed of understanding that as much as everything seems to be spiraling out of control, do remember that there is a Higher Consciousness, a Great Mystery, whose every infinite heart and hand is in complete control of the evolutionary forces of balance in the Universe. We each are born with the skill of self-transmutation through the act of LOVE. As we continue to learn to love, to choose love, we continue to see love reflected in the world around us.

Capricorn is the long voyage undertaken. It is the evolution of the journey to wisdom and maturity through experience, as well as the application of knowledge gained. Capricorn knows that transformation does not happen in one night, but that it is a continuous metamorphic process. Capricorn embodies great presence. Capricorn is patient and persistent. Capricorn takes the long way home, frequently pausing to refresh oneself in productive daydreams of an inspiring future.

Ah, how resonant at this time, that we may begin a new year under the influence of energy with such stamina and support. We are recognizing now that our greatest resource is always our inner strength and intuition. The inner knowledge we gain through experience over time is what we must use as our true nourishment for the road ahead. Many of us are coming to hard realizations that the support structures we once relied on cannot actually take us where we need to go. We are are at an evolutionary point where we are building our next chapter on a foundation of deeper self-respect.

This cosmic influence is clear on priorities — what is heath-full, what is draining, what is enlightening, what is numbing. Where do our priorities live? How are we attending to them? As we summit the peak of greater self-respect, many of us may be releasing ties of co-dependency in all types of relationships. We are taking how we walk in the world — and who / what that is associated with — far more seriously (this is strong Venus is Capricorn energy). We are reprogramming the need for external validation, and rather discovering what it means to be content in our own self-support system from within.

Let us plant our seeds of persistence, patience and LOVE at the initiative energy of this New Moon.

Blessed Beginnings to each of you, everywhere!

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