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» Full Moon 1/28 in Leo «

art is by @nicole.ginelli for @leavingrecords

» This January's FULL MOON on 1/28 is in Leo « 

Jan 28 11:16am PST / 2:16pm EST / 7:16pm GMT

Jan 29 6:16am AEST

⊹   ⊹   ⊹



Stabilization, momentum, confidence, self-worth, independence, excitement, resonance, nourishment


Questions to Ask

When I love myself unconditionally, how do I wake up? 

What rules or conditions can I relinquish with this Moon to love myself unconditionally?

When I am feeling confident and courageous, how do I move about my everyday life?

How do I nourish my roots? What are a few things that me grounded?

What am I most grateful for right now?


What to Become Aware of

This is a fierce coming home to the roots of the Self. These roots must be continuously watered and nourished with the vital force of our own self-loving as we move through a time when our gifts are greatly needed in the shaping of the collective.

Moon in Leo is stabilizing, strengthening, and courageous, influencing our ability to confidently express ourselves openly and authentically. Vulnerability that is usually so tender and so guarded may be shared with greater acceptance now. We are highly encouraged to release the self-inflicted fear of being seen, of being judged, and of being rejected. We can love. We must love. We must open our hearts completely, for the sake of the health of no one but our own Self.

Though we may not always receive back in equal measure the love that we give, we can trust that our doing so is rippling out subtle yet deeply resonant inspiration. We are not to take anything personally. We have only to know how it feels to express our vulnerabilities open-heartedly, or not. This resonance in our own bodies, minds, and energy fields is what makes or break the space available for us to understand our wants and needs in the most true sense.

We have 4 planets in Aquarius here, continuing to enhance a focus on collective ideals. And while Moon dances through Leo, we have the dichotomy of a focus on personal ideals as well. We may be wondering where we fit into it all anymore?

With all that has transitioned and transformed this last year, we may be left with a subtle sense of alone-ness, as if we’re not quite sure how the “who we are now” or the “where we are now” works with the “where everyone else is now”.

Take great heart — we each journey through this existential pondering throughout the course of our lives, often very silently, or very unconsciously. How wonderful that we are so cosmically supported now in this remembrance of the importance of personal purpose converging with collective purpose. We are asked here to spend moments in contemplation with what is presently calling to us most — are we still in resonance with that, and if so, how can we best honor its execution / manifestation? Where, both personally and collectively, can we radiate what lives in our hearts?

We have been strongly influenced by Venus's energy as of late, and now with Venus working so intimately with Pluto, we are coming into more of a clear understanding around how and why certain relationships have either been working, or not working for us. We may have a new (however slight, because slight is still progress) understanding of relationship dynamics that are nourishing, and why, as well as dynamics that are detrimental, and why. We may also see how all of these patterns relate to our present level of self-love. Have we been nourishing our roots? When we do, we have the ability to stand much stronger, much taller.

These courageous times call for considerable self-care. May we stay grounded and strong, open-hearted and compassionate towards ourselves and all of our Earth family. May we stay passionate and joyful. May we wake each new day not asking “what can life do for me?” but rather … “what can I GIVE to life?” There is MUCH to be grateful for, so very many gifts during this time! May gratitude be our grounded honing beacon through it all!


full moon in Leo 1/28 2021 astrology moon + rock

art is Matt French
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