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Herbal Infusion Basics ✧ WHAT Is It + HOW To Make It

herbal infusions basics what are they + how to make them / moon & rock blog

Herbal infusions!

If you follow me on Instagram or watch many of our videos, you'll know that I've been drinking herbal infusions almost daily for years now. They have totally changed my life and bettered my health. I am so excited to finally share with you WHAT they are + HOW I make them. Comment on the video any further questions, comments or concerns ✧ 

For those more word savvy, here is the low down on how to actually make an herbal infusion! (Watch the video for more on what they are + why I love them!)

How to make:

  • Heat your water to a just-before-boiling point
  • Put 1oz (which is equal to about 1 cup) of herbs (total) into a 1 quart mason jar or French press
  • Pour water over the hoers
  • Let sit out overnight or for 4-8 hours, or ideally just overnight
  • Drink up in gratitude and love! You can drink all of this in one day, or divide it up for two days, which is what I normally do!
  • Happy infusing!

herbal infusion basics what is it + how to make it / moon & rock blog

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