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✧ Full Moon on 8/26 in Pisces ✧


full moon on 8/26 in pisces

✧ This August's Full Moon on 8/26 is in Pisces 


Essences: Gentleness, love, kindness, nurturance, joy, creativity, fluidity, embodiment


Questions to Ask: How could I be more gentle with myself?

How could I be more kind to myself?

What is brining me joy, and benefiting my health right now?

What art form brings me the most pleasure, and how could I indulge in it more?

How is my health? What makes me feel nurtured and cared for?

How can I be more organized? Where can I begin to minimize? What aspect of my life could return to simplicity?

Does life currently feel fluid, or stagnant? How could I bring more fluidity back into my days? What helps me to feel soft?

What am I grateful for? 


What to Become Aware of: This is a luscious Full Moon, ripe with tenderness, fluidity and joy. This is a sweet time to really work on releasing the chronic fears we hold in our bodies — individually and collectively. We may fear not being good enough. We may feel inferior. We may fear what the world will think of us, and how others will respond to what we create. We fear what will become of the health of ourselves, our families and friends. These wounds run so ancestrally deep. And we can find comfort in knowing that we all, more or less, have the same fears because what all fears really boil down to, is the fear of death. And not just the death of our entire lives, but the death of the dream of our ego (our personality and how others perceive us). Of course it is scary to release who we “think” that we are, but that is the delicious work of a lifetime — to dismantle the limiting, subconscious beliefs we have about what we are capable of. When we do this, we are more clearly able to remember who it is that we truly, intuitively are. In this intuitive space, we again discover our full authenticity and purpose here. In this intuitive space, all fears and comparisons dissolve, and we remember how uniquely powerful we were designed to be.

This week I launched my book "Intuitive Alchemy" that dives much deeper into these ideas and heart spaces.

At this Full Moon, an easy way to release our fears is by softening up — become as fluid as the sea. And sometimes, the sea is gnarly, but still, it flows. Chaotic seas also give us an even more obvious chance to surrender and allow what wants to be, to be. Here in Hawaii, our seas are definitely getting stirred up! But even so, we are reminded that there is always an eye of the storm that holds and leads it all with stillness, grace, and ease. Even through the mysterious chaos and destructive complexity that life can bring, we have to remember that beneath it all, the heart of it is peace.  On this Full Moon, become this peace. Embody fluidity and ease. Don’t get too attached to the story that plays out around the edges. Remain in your compassionate, creative center.

Another beautiful way we can tap into our intuition and release chronic fears, is by indulging in our creative desires — into all the things that taste and feel so delicious in our bones. This weekend is a wonderful time to tap back into the art forms that light you up the brightest. Indulge in those moments that quiet your mind, but enhance your sense of emotion and feeling. This could be through music, dance, cooking and eating, etc. Anything goes. And all the while, hold the intention to be graceful and compassionate with your body as you do so. Focus on breathing deeper and more rhythmically, through your nose. Catch yourself in moments of tightening your jaw and brow — allow these muscles to release. Clear out the material goods that your life no longer needs. Simplify to create more space for peace of mind and ease when going about your day. Organize your essentials — give them proper homes to always return back to, where you will always be able to find them. Eat plants. Drink plenty of medicinal teas and clean water. Be tender with your precious body. Even through the chaos, remember to be the eye of the storm — just relax. 


A Ritual to Practice: Guided Meditation + Gratitude List

Keep it simple tonight — do this guided meditation on our Youtube channel, then write out a gratitude list!

Write out all the things that you are presently so grateful to have in your life. Writing out, or saying aloud, what we are grateful for raises our vibration into one of pure fluidly, where we remember that all is well and we are so blessed. Stating what we are grateful for reminds us of how abundant life truly is, and helps us to release mindsets of lack, inferiority, and low self-worth. What are you so grateful for today? What nurtures you best?



⟡ Have you downloaded Meagan's Intuitive Moon E-Book? This little book is intended to serve as your appetizer to these bi-monthly love letters. 

This book is not about teaching you how to work with the Moon in order to get what you want. Rather, it’s a gentle introduction to encourage you to use the Moon as a symbol in your life — a symbol with whatever meaning you decide. I am so honored to take this journey with you!   


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