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» Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse 5/26 in Sagittarius «

 full moon total lunar eclipse in sagittarius 5/26/21 astrology 2021 moon + rock

art is detail of Epiphany by Tuco Amalfi

» This May's FULL MOON + TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE on 5/26 is in Sagittarius « 

May 26 4:14am PST / 7:14am EST / 11:14am GMT / 9:14pm AEST

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❖ Essences

Release, reconsider, adaptability, adjustments, forgiveness, tenderness, resonance, acceleration


❖ Questions to Ask

What themes are arising for me right now that are connected to what was arising for me in December of 2020? If nothing comes to mind, what themes have been most prominent for me throughout this year?

What big choices am I needing to make right now? How do I feel about them?

In what ways am I too dependent upon others / outside world to fulfill my emotional needs? What simple steps can I take to break from this habit and take back some personal power?

What is ending for me now?

What is beginning for me now?


❖ What to Become Aware of

As eclipse season 2021 commences, we are welcomed into precious months of accelerated growth, release, reconsideration and adjustment. This beautiful Full Moon in free-spirited Sagittarius brings on a Total Lunar Eclipse as Sun (in Gemini) and Moon directly oppose each other to unearth stagnant energy and purge of the patterns that aren’t in resonance with who we have become today. This is a period of acceleration and evolution where choices (both big and small) are being made which will lead to profound shifts in our emotional and physical realities this year.

A potent theme at this time is the adjusting and rewiring of our emotional relating to ourselves and our wider lives — through both subtle and not so subtle circumstances, we are coming to understand that though external support and validation is necessary at times, it is also never our foundation. When we make it our foundation, we are continually let down. We are learning to be our own best lovers, protectors, providers, gods and goddesses by carving out new ways of keeping our hearts open and reactions minimal. What would it look like if we were to respond to a triggering situation with an open heart and a curiosity, rather than a habitual despair or inflammation? This adjusting does not happen over night, or every time. It is a life-long learning journey of releasing, reconsidering and discovering resonance again and again on the waves of personal evolution. Eclipses sure do tend to pull us back into the tides most profoundly!

We can become aware now of not dwelling too much in our minds, but rather on dropping into our heart / emotional space to feel out what is true for us now and make tender, conscious choices based upon these sensations. While going through emotional acceleration / evolution, we need to be so gentle with our bodies and rest in whatever ways make sense for us today. We are being reminded that there is always, always a bigger picture at play of which we cannot comprehend the finer details of. We are needing to release a lot of control and have faith in the details yet to unfold before us based upon the simple choices / steps we make in the more resonant direction. This will be an important point for us all throughout May and June! To sink into tender trust of what we don’t yet know and find fresh joy in the cycles of endings to beginnings, beginnings to endings.

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