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✧ Full Moon on 9/25 in Aries ✧

full moon in Aries on 9/25 meagan moon letter

✧ This September's Full Moon on 9/25 is in Aries 


Essences: Balance, authenticity, dream, gratitude, depth, transformation, courage, participation


Questions to Ask: Do I feel that my life is whole? Or does it feel that something is missing? If so, what?

In what areas of life do I feel most content right now? Why?

What inspires my creativity? What motivates me to create?

Where does life feel out of balance? What practices help me to come back to the middle-way?

In what ways do I currently feel that I am transforming? How does life want for me to grow right now?

Do I feel courageous about my transformation? If not, why? What keeps me from believing I am worth it?

What is my grandest day dream?

What am I currently grateful for?

What to Become Aware of: This bright and fiery Full Moon is calling us back to the middle-way — to again find balance in the areas of life we are most focused on right now. Where are you most focused? We are reminded how exhausting it can be to swing our pendulum from one extreme to another, and how peaceful and purposeful it really feels to rest in an intuitive balance between the two. This includes taking the advice and opinions of others as truth, as opposed to listening within and embodying our own. Allow the illumination of the Moon to reveal to you where you may be swinging to extremes — this could be in relationships dynamics, your relationship with food, your work ethic, self-love — and pick up the practices that bring you back into your heart of peace. It is here that we find zest for the mystery of how events will unfold, because balance is surrender. Extremism is control, and we don’t really have control in the ways that we believe we do. So just for tonight, allow your soul to feel wild and courageous under the Moon, capable of transforming back into your “original face” — the pure authenticity and intuition you were born with. It is through societal conditioning and swinging to extremes that we forget. We forget who we divinely are, and the absolute balance and beauty that being is.

There is a lot of depth and dreaminess to this Moon, so allow those reflections to become you by not being afraid to go deep, either just with yourself or with a loved one. Question more and more, dig deeper and deeper into all the why’s. Dream the wildest dream that you want to dream, just don’t get too attached. Remember that every aspect of this dream is a gift to you, from you, motivating you to grow, to become even more authentic, and to bless your life with even more connection.  And yet, all along, don’t forget to give thanks for the present moment, for the tangible reality playing out in front of you right this very second — all the complexity and mystery, all the pleasure and the pain. Remember that you once dreamed this dream, too. And what are you going to do about it? Are you going to be a victim to it? Or are you going to show up, pierce it with your radiant eyes, and make something grander of it … something that will flood you even further into your authenticity and intuition? 

Why do we continue to believe that we haven’t dreamed this dream? Just because we don’t choose the subconscious visions that appear in our dreams at night, doesn’t mean that they don’t live somewhere within us all along. And just because we don’t believe that we choose the reality that manifests around us, doesn’t mean that the consciousness behind it’s reasoning doesn’t already live somewhere within us all along.

Perception and perspective are our keys to the middle-way, in giving us the confidence to show up for life in balance — with awareness and intuition, with courage and determination. 

This is your dream. Participate fully.


A Ritual to Practice: A Balancing Act

Take a tender moment to ponder the practices that help you to feel a sense of coming back into balance  — a sense of tapping into your heart space where everything feels fluid and intuitive and in it's "right" place. Write these down. Maybe it's yoga, maybe it's running, maybe it's meditating, maybe it's painting, maybe it's making love, maybe it's cooking. There could be just one, or there could be dozens. Write them down on a piece of paper, or in a note in your phone, and take a good look: which practice calls to you today or tonight? What can you gift yourself in order to feel fulfilled, wholesome, and you guessed it ... balanced? Please, go do just that. You deserve to expend the energy that helps you to alchemize the extremes. Come back to your middle-way. Again and again, every day. 


* art is from @themojomecca



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This book is not about teaching you how to work with the Moon in order to get what you want. Rather, it’s a gentle introduction to encourage you to use the Moon as a symbol in your life — a symbol with whatever meaning you decide. I am so honored to take this journey with you!   

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