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Alchemy Skin Serum Reviews ∵⌇

alchemy skin serum reviews moon & rock


“I don’t need to wear an expensive face cream when I’m using Alchemy! My skin has never felt better.”

— Anna H.


"I am two weeks in with the Alchemy serum. I can't express enough how thankful this is to my life. I have struggled to get good skin for the last 7 years! Nothing an I mean NOTHING has worked until this. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful product and I will use this for the rest of my life! You are such a light."

— @morgan_shay


"Your serum is a game changer."

— @molly.low


"I had pretty bad stretch marks on my breasts after pregnancy and they're literally gone now! It only took a few weeks of using the Alchemy oil every day for them to disappear. I couldn't believe it!"

— @kourtyaard


"I have to tell you, my sister used your serum the past two days on two small scars on her chest and within that time, they have already noticeably faded!! She is so happy as she had kinda accepted they would be there forever. Also my mum has had a breast removed and has really really intense scaring on her chest. She has had it operated on maybe 4 times. She plans on using your oil on it too!"

— @jinti_fell


"GUYS! I got my Alchemy Skin Serum and I have noticed an incredible difference in my skin over a matter of 5 days. It's incredible. The smell is beautiful. The way it makes me feel is amazing. I will definitely be ordering more in the near future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this magical potion. I've been suffering from acne scars and cystic acne for years and to finally find something that I trust will make a difference means the absolute world. You guys are absolute Earth angels."



"Hi Meagan!! I just want to thank you so much for Alchemy, this product has completely changed my skin. Al the redness is completely gone & it's the clearest and softest it's ever been. I'm so happy to have this in my life. Thank you!"



"Ok! So i ordered alchemy on saturday and i got it yesterday and oh my god! I've always had cystic pimples on my skin and super dry peeling skin on my face. Also i noticed i always wake up with really painful whiteheads on my chin every single morning. I watched your skin routine and i was like huh! It wouldnt hurt to try just washing my face with water, and i instantly saw my face change in 3 days. And i started using alchemy yesterday it immediately helped my dry skin and i noticed i didnt have any breakouts on my chin last night plus my skin is super soft! So thank you so much. I usually never order anything from youtubers because i don't really trust any of them and i think they're just lieing to make me buy there products. But you have such genuine energy ❤❤ Ps i think what i was doing was stripping my face with harsh face washes. Yikes! Edit! I can tell this is gonna my new favorite!"

— El 


"When I first started using Alchemy, I was blown away! I had a deep and jagged scar next to my eye where two basal cell carcinomas had been removed. I expected to live with that scar — another sign of aging — but then began to daily apply the oil. Within weeks, the scar had all but disappeared! I began to use it liberally on my face and neck and the difference has been powerfully noted on by friends and family. Now, if I have any damage to my skin, I rush to apply Alchemy as I know that the marriage of science and beauty heals! Thank you Meagan & Evan for creating this beautiful blend!"

— @pattichenry


"I got some Alchemy for eczema a month ago, and so far, it's worked wonders. It's great!"

— @heather_stewart77


"I've been using your serum for about 6 weeks now and it's honestly been so transformative!! No active acne since the moment I started using it... I'm amazed and so so happy. You've got a lifetime customer. Thank you so much!"

— @keeperfilms


"The best!!! Better than ANY other facial serum for acne. I traded in all the harsh chemicals for natural, safe and effective! Best thing I ever did for my face. Can't thank you enough for this product."

— @dorisanders


"Alchemy is my FAVORITE! I have my boyfriend using it now. He loves it! The smell triggers my mind to meditate while I soak it into my skin. Soooo good. Has really helped prevent acne. I swear since I started using it I haven't had a pimple in months. THANK YOU."

— @jaquelinewhitney_


"I've been using this for a couple weeks now and I can honestly say it's the loveliest product I've ever used. I feel more balanced and my skin has less blemishes. I believe that by using something everyday I put thought to appreciating my face and therefore am also healing from the inside out. Thank you for this wonderful product. I'll be ordering more soon."

— @laura.v.gahan


"I love Alchemy so much!! I had some of the worst inflamed eczema I've ever had in my life on my eyes and I can say that Alchemy was one of the main reasons why it now has disappeared! I also used to have at least one breakout every few days plus hormonal acne but I no longer have any new pimples since using it. Seriously magical stuff."

— @alyssamartinez44


"I can't tell you how much my skin has changed this past year thanks to your Alchemy serum (after battling 10+ years of cystic acne). Thank you!"

— @patricialmaral


"I've been using Alchemy for 2 weeks and my skin's never felt better!"

— @ashleyarch15


"I've been using Alchemy for two weeks now and my skin hasn't been this good in a long time. Thank you for creating this magic and infusing it with your lovely energy."

— @marieizoe


"I want to thank you so much. This will be my third bottle that I purchase tonight. You have cleared my skin. Thank you. Thank you. Finally something that works. You are a goddess of natural skin beauty."

— @rubyj_____


"I purchased Alchemy and have been using it on my chest and body to do gua sha and it has been so nice it goes on so lovely and honestly has made my skin very soft combating the dryness this winter. My skin just soaks it up so nicely and it's not oily afterward. Just soft and smooth skin."

— @spammmisabella


"Alchemy has done wonders for my wrinkles. The very first ones popped up 3 months ago and this presses them right back down. Loveeeeeeeee it."

— @bearbrolan


"I am so happy to tell you that your serum has cleared up my acne. I couldn’t be happier. My dermatologists gave me antibiotics and blood pressure meds (what?!) and some topicals and nothing ever cleared my acne until the alchemy serum." 

— Katharine M.


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