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✧ Full Moon on 3/31 in Aries ✧

meagan moon message from the moon // full moon on 3/31 in Aries

✧ This March's Full Moon is on 3/31 in Aries 

Essences: Alchemy, awareness, connection, communication, balance, support, reflection


Questions to Ask: In what areas of my life do I currently feel out of balance?

Am I actively aligning my actions with my values?

Do I need to allow myself more time for rest?

What does “rest” mean to me? What does healing rest look like?

How can I be more clear in my communication with others?

What feelings are being illuminated by this Full Moon?


What to Become Aware of: Balance is our bestie! This Full Moon in Libra is summoning the ways that we can balance our delicate lives. The energy is calling for us to simply become aware of the ways in which we swing too far in one direction — it is illuminating the spaces where we don’t allow ourselves ample reflection and rest. We all deserve enough rest! Daily. And self-reflection is the heart of it. This doesn’t mean that we have to be actively processing what we’re experiencing while we’re resting. In fact, that’s not rest — that’s work, of which we can ceremonially save for another time. This kind of rest is the space where we really allow ourselves to sink into an acceptance and recognition of what wants our attention — the bliss and the rough. It is all beautiful, and the exact experience that we need. This is the time to melt our entire being into the witness of what’s illuminated, sans identification or the pressure to make an immediate change. Change is the nature of things, and our job is to surrender — to allow. 

Awareness is alchemy. Awareness our catalyst for change. When we gift ourselves the space to really relax, we have to trust that it is the most productive, most healing thing that we can do for ourselves, and for others! From that special, self-loving space, we may much more easily align our actions with our values. From that space, we can trust that how we communicate and express ourselves to others is of service to ourselves, and to them. We can trust that our relationships are just as they are designed to be — they are designed to mirror where we are imbalanced / balanced, misaligned / aligned, hurt / healed.

Let this Full Moon be a symbolic opportunity for you sink into the loving energy of your highest values. Let this Moon be your chance to purely feel — feeling will always get you closer to the truth of who you are than thinking. Our intuitive nature knows and holds everything already —just allow yourself to feel it. You are nothing but love. 


A Ritual to Practice: Grateful Adornment

Full Moons are such powerful times to express extra gratitude for all that we’ve been gifted and for all that we’ve created! At some time today, take inventory of the things you’re presently so grateful for. Allow the bliss of these miracles to permeate anything hard or sticky.

1) Write: a list (as short or long as you want!) of all that you’re presently grateful for.

2) Adorn: Choose a favorite jewelry piece to be your “gratitude charm”. Hold this charm and infuse it with your love for all the things on your list. Let yourself feel deeply into their blessings. Wear this charm every day for the next month as a sweet reminder.



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