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SuperFull Moon in Sagittarius || June 14

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Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14 || Strawberry Moon

This Full Moon portal brings forth a clarity around our commitments and communication, aiding us in redirecting our attention to the longer vision. It’s a feeling like first emerging from the womb of transformation… the first light as the chrysalis cracks open. The long vision can be witnessed with a newfound passion, a really sweet and sensual understanding of what we long to create and why. What service does our longer vision provide for others? What message of truth can be clearly communicated through this vision?

We are called to think and feel wider and higher now. To move in the spirit of adventure. To seek fundamental truth around every corner. Leave no stone unturned on your quest to clarity.

New and colorful horizons are emerging into view. How we have been doing things may need to be revisited, shaken up, and settled into a new form. May you feel the inspiration now to engage with all of your passions in higher creativity and understanding. Maybe your morning rituals need shuffling around to bring in renewed vigor. Maybe your electronic communications could take on a new form, where you spend an extra few moments making sure your point is coming across clearly and kindly. Maybe it’s much more macro, and the structures of your business need tending to. Whatever it is, sink sweetly into that inner passion that is gifted us at this Full Moon.

Move forth in your truth, and communicate this clearly. May we voice the long vision which our hearts hold dear. In trust and without hesitation. May we ask for a helping hand when the weight of the work becomes too much. May we keep our hearts open… with passion.

I have personally been feeling the intensity of the chrysalis. I have been sitting on and churning long visions to birth anew. There is a lot to share here this summer, and I will in due time... These musings mean so much to me, and they too have been calling to take on new form. That form hasn’t quite settled, but in recent months I have missed the consistency of creativity & relating with all of you that these messages bring… so here is a musing in somewhat of a different form, just to touch in and say that I’m still here walking alongside you. If you feel so called, ask & answer these questions in the coming days, I will too.

Self Inquiry:

  • What new adventure am I embarking upon now?
  • What new energies am I emerging into?
  • What am I most passionate about right now?
  • What is my relationship with my voice? With communication?
  • How can my communication be clearer? Does it need to be kinder?
  • What is the long vision I am holding now?
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