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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus 4/30


  This April's New Moon Solar Eclipse on 4/30 is in Taurus 

April 30 10:28am HST / 1:28pm PT / 4:28pm ET

May 1 6:28am AET / 8:28pm GMT


Unconditional Love, beginnings, simplicity, intention, integration, divinity, forgiveness, discernment

Questions to Ask

Where is my focus and devotion needed most right now?

What intentions am I planting for this coming moon cycle?

What am I ready to do differently?

What role does Divine Femininity play in my life today? What is my connection with it?

What is distracting me? How can I release these distractions, and what can I fill that space & time with instead?

What to Become Aware of

Cycles closing. Cycles opening. Intentions seeding and teachings integrating. Simplicity rising and entanglement releasing. Discernment honing and heart opening. The calm after the storm is revealing her energizing sunrise, as we come ever-closer in tenderness to Unconditional Love.

All that we have been through must be witnessed as a great teacher and way-shower of Truth and of our authentic path. Answers to the biggest questions on worth and purpose can be touched upon now with so much compassion and calm. Dive in, dear one. Go to the places of consciousness that once scared you the most. Venture in with the key of kindness and a heart of forgiveness. Hold yourself as you would a newborn child. The veil is thin and ever-thinning — welcome in your sensitivities and move gently. Take the time to stop and smell all that is blooming along the edge of your path. Deep breaths are sips from the fountain of divinity.

What can we witness now as a gift? What species of lotus is arising, blooming from the muck? With grander themes of grounding, healing, alchemy, and self love at this Taurus Solar Eclipse, we are called into personal power to plant poignant intentions in soils of unconditional self-love. This means that the answers and the actions come first from within. This means dropping blame and victimhood, taking personal responsibility for what we are able, and moving with increased discernment about what matches our frequency now and what is simply distracting.

There is no longer room for distraction — the greater work at hand requires all that we’ve got. Venus — our gorgeous archetype of self-love, relationship, spiritual maturation, divine femininity — is especially present in this astrological chart. In her dance with Taurus, Pisces, Pluto and the Nodes, she is mirroring profound inner transformation on the personal level. She is really curbing our hunger for divine, motherly love by pouring luminous nutrition into our muck. May we reach inside now to be filled up by Divine Love, rather than searching in our external world for whatever-it-may-be to fill the holes. The holes of the heart aren’t designed to be filled by physical things… they require the light of Spirit to transform into galaxies of creativity and cosmic understanding.

May our intentions be clear, grounded, and self-inspired now. Self-inspired meaning, informed by the delicious, peaceful depths of our own essence. Doors of unfathomable wonder are opening, and only we get to choose whether we want to walk through. No one can do the work for us. And the key to walking through with grace and courage is holding gratitude, excitement, curiosity, and compassion the whole way. Keep it simple, keep it curious, go forward with heart.

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