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New Moon in Cancer || June 28-29

new moon in cancer june 28-29 astrology 2022 atone beauty moon + rock

New Moon in Cancer || June 28-29

What do we come home to at the end of the day? What comforts, rituals, and boundaries are in place that facilitate our sinking into rest?

When we come home, both literally and metaphorically, we long to feel supported and open-hearted, in a space to receive and integrate what the day held. Feeling-based, liquid-loving Cancer brings us into all matters of the heart… and of the heart in the home. The home of our own bodies, the home we may find in another’s body, as well as the physical spaces built around us.

Where all experiences begin is in the tender spaciousness within us. The deepest space of retreat held quietly beneath the surface of our personalities. The flame forever burning beneath our skin. Of utmost importance is the tending of this flame… a relationship with it, a knowing of it, a listening to it, a faith in it, a complete infatuation with it… We can benefit greatly now by creating consistent daily rituals to care for ourselves, so that the absolute foundation of “where we come home to” is always within us. So that no matter where we are or what we do, we are as fully resourced from within as possible. So that we are intimately in touch with our inner voice of unconditional self-love. With body as a portal into spirit, tend to your skin and bones as the most precious art piece. Don’t overthink it — just lead with the heart on what simply feels the most nourishing and rejuvenating for you now.

The idea that we may have a sense of home in another’s body initially sounds unhealthy, but I believe it can be a very healthy experience when tended to from the right perspective. The truth is that someone else’s body was our first home… that first roof over our heads was our mother’s womb and beating heart. It is natural to find a sense of comfort and safety in another’s beating heart as well. Though it is important to be aware of the ways in which we outsource our power, decision making, creativity, dreams, ideas, perspectives, etc. to someone else when they in fact are a sense of home for us. Again, what we must first “come home” to is our own inner spaciousness. This is where all arises from. Everywhere else should serve as a reflection of the beauty you first experience within. Spend some time in contemplation of this possibility now, and witness where you may outsource your sense of comfort too much.

How is your physical home space in reflection of your heart? How is it not? Now is a lovely time to tend to the dusty corners that need revitalization. Bring in elements that support your rest and instill peace. Make your home space a reminder of what it feels like to live in your heart… a reminder to tend the inner flames.

Self inquiry:

  • What does “home” mean to me?
  • What daily rituals provide comfort, nourishment, and inspiration to me now?
  • What could I use more consistency with?
  • In what ways do I outsource my power and sense of safety to another person or organization?
  • Is my physical home space in aligned reflection of the beauty within me? What areas could use some sprucing up?
  • What brings me peace at the end of the day?
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