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» Full Moon 6/24 in Capricorn «

full moon in capricorn 6/24 2021 astrology Moon + Rock
image is vintage Bestiary Capricorn Engraving, date + artist unknown

» This June's FULL MOON on 6/24 is in Capricorn « 

June 24 11:39am PDT / 2:39pm EDT / 7:39pm BST

June 25 4:39am AET

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❖ Essences

Checking in, prioritizing, responsibility, refinement, productivity, decisiveness, the essentials 

❖ Questions to Ask

Reflecting back on my 2021 intentions, how am I feeling about them now? What intentions have taken priority, and which have lightly fallen by the wayside?

Which of these priorities needs my attention most at this time? Maybe is it more than one...

Where am I finding myself naturally most productive at this time? What am I practically working towards?

What do I take too seriously? What do I not take seriously enough?

What does “home” feel like within my own body, mind, spirit?


❖ What to Become Aware of

We are at the astrological middle-point of the year — we begin and end the year with Sun in Capricorn and right now with the blossoming Moon in Capricorn, we are given the opportunity to check in on the intentions we set at the onset of 2021. We can reassess what is working, what is not, what needs to be focused on for the next six months and what needs to be dropped. We may realize now that we have taken on more than we can realistically manage — and that’s alright, because we are called to dream big always, and then continuously refine what the reality of those dreams can be at any given time.

Capricorn is persistent and instills in us an endurance unlike any other sign — it is an “in it for the long haul” work ethic with great attention placed on grounding into our priorities and concept of value. What do we really value this year? Where is our grounding leading us? What is our concept of “home” like within our own body, mind, spirit?

At this checking in, we may be realizing that some priorities do need to change — a shifting away from one thing may bring new life into another. A sacred pause on one experience may need to be taken in order for movement forward to happen for another. We are reminded now that we cannot do it all, all of the time. Each day, each moment, requires us to give detailed attention to one thing at a time in order for the wholeness of our bigger visions to be sustainably seen through. Multi-tasking may feel possible, but it is not healthy. What can we give our complete attention to today, and what needs to be released for a time (but not necessarily forever)?

This is a time of responsibility and productivity — really honoring the obligations we have created for ourselves and rededicating ourselves to their vitality every day. And even though this energy is much about productivity, it is a conscious productivity that does more by doing less — by trimming the excess and taking the essentials more seriously. Capricorn brings us into the sacred reality of the present moment and all of the blessed material it holds. It finds a zest in the assignments for the School of Life, with a strength and groundedness that inspires the world around it to keep on climbing.

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