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» Full Flower Moon on 5/18 in Scorpio «

full flower moon in scorpio on 5/18
» This April's Full Flower Moon on 5/18 is in Scorpio «



Authenticity, awareness, humility, expansion, longing, neutrality, experience, spirit


Questions to Ask

What is being brought into my awareness at this time?

What am I most curious about right now?

Do I trust that there is purpose in my curiosities? If not, why not? And how can I learn to trust them better?

What does “intuition” mean to me? What does it feel like for me?

Do I feel that that I am presently living intuitively? If not, how could I shift into this?

What synchronicity (or maybe multiple) have I experienced recently? How could I best listen and respond to it?

What practices are expanding my joy, inspiring my creativity, and connecting me with my wider world at this Moon? 


What to Become Aware of

Messages of encouragement, direction, and purpose are being steeped in us from infinite angles. It is simply our work to open enough to listen and to receive, devoid of ego and in the embrace of greater service. This Full Moon is a powerful time to practice expanding our capacity to listen, and dim our desire to explain. We do not need to explain our experiences, especially to those we aren’t ready to listen. We do not need to validate our decisions, especially to those in the cheap seats of criticism. What we do need to do, is to follow our creative longings with devotion, humility, neutrality and intuition. It’s a loud world, ready to dismiss intuitive understandings and inner sight. But when has following your intuition ever led you astray? What greater, more wholesome experience of life is there than listening and responding to the inner whisperings of Spirit, unique to you and your essence and your experience here? Yes, we may feel fear. Yes, we will definitely meet resistance and judgement and discomfort along the path. But this path, the path of intuition, is ready for us and stands the delusion of time. This path of intuition doesn’t fade — it lives and breathes in our essence always, whereas the trendy orientation of society will fade and will crumble and is not on our side. 

Our sacred conversation with the infinite is our stable ground and clearest mirror. Full Moons are times of clarity in which both our inner and outer worlds become illuminated, bringing clarity to the spaces where we’ve felt conflicted. And the energy of this Moon is not concerned with what we are doing, but more so of how we are doing it. How are we listening? How are we responding? What does it all feel like, and do we like how it’s playing out? We must remember that we do have the power to transform our experience from fear back into love by choosing to find purpose, expansion, and Spirit in every dark and dusty corner. An easy way to trust this mysterious conversation is by tuning into the senses — gently taking note of how the body feels and behaves in its environment. If you feel that changes need to be made, make them, and watch how your experience of life transforms for the better by simply following that calling. By learning to trust the body, we learn to trust its place and purpose here.


A Ritual to Practice

Falling Flowers

On this May Flower Moon, create an earth offering of any local, seasonal flowers you feel called to. Better to find them wild, but if you can't, then supporting a local farmer by purchasing a few to keep in your home as well as use in your earth offering is wonderful. Here's what to do:

  • Gather your flowers and slowly, sweetly peel away a handful or two of petals
  • Take them to a fresh patch of earth
  • Spend a few moments in prayer / conversation, bringing your awareness to whatever clarity is needed for you at this time
  • Still holding the petals in your hands, infuse your intentions for living in intuition and trust into the petals, giving gratitude gratitude gratitude for every little and large working that makes your reality go round
  • Let your petals fall from your fingers to the earth, then slowly and sweetly stirring them around, mingling them with the earth
  • Carry this conversation and intention with you throughout the remainder of your day, week, entire life


* image by Li Hui

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