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» Full Blue Moon on 4/19 in Libra «

» This April's Full Blue Moon on 4/19 is in Libra «


“Listen to the hidden sounds. Use your other ears. See the celestial sights. Use your other eyes. Perceive what cannot be measured by the ordinary senses.” —Patanjali the Shaman


Relations, restoration, equanimity, awaken, fluctuation, dis-identification, celebration, heart


Questions to Ask

What “roles” have I been playing out that no longer serve my path?

What roles currently do serve my path that I wish to strengthen and bring more presence into?

Do I feel there is mutual gratitude and service in my relationships?

What are my most treasured relationships right now? With who, or what do I feel most connected to?

How honoring am I of my cyclical nature? Meaning, how identified do I seem to be with the fluctuations of my being day to day?

In what ways may I better honor my cyclical nature?

What are my favorite ways to celebrate?

What do I stand for?


What to Become Aware of

This Full Moon is a time to really awaken to the roles we’re playing that no longer serve us. Maybe we created these roles for ourselves, or maybe others molded us into them to make sense of their own. Either way, it is time to release and restore the roles of our heart — the ones we really feel compelled to show up for in our reality. When we bring conscious effort into dropping one thing away, we make room for another to come through. And the intention is to continually, unapologetically weed the roots of identifications that have become overgrown and shaded the garden of our blossoming divinity. What elements of our life no longer feel aligned with our cyclical, evolutionary nature — the nature of our service and self-created purpose? How do you want to show up, versus the agenda of others and how they want you to show up? Following the untraditional path of the heart requires bravery and stillness. There will always be someone or many someones that project their fears and oppositions for what we choose. There will always be someone ready to debate and fight to defend their perspective, with a (however unintentional) desire to deem you wrong and deem themselves correct. But truly, what is the use in fighting? What are we so desperately trying to defend? Or rather, who is it (these created roles of self) that we are so desperately trying to defend? If truth is so simple it can be written on an emerald, then what is the use of going on and on in circles and dramatization to validate a fleeting perspective? 

Today, may you stand in a strong stillness for the sweet beating of your heart. May you alchemize the patterns which hinder the fulfillment of its path by embodying the roles which awaken your evolution and honor your fluctuation. The potency of this Moon is illuminating corners of our lives where we’ve numbed our senses to Spirit. Though there is Spirit endlessly acting through (and as) everything, the fight-or-flight reality of the modern world so easily leads to forgetfulness and chronic stress, both psychologically and physiologically. Our true healing and restoring is in our remembering of Spirit in and as everything — in remembering that we were never banished from Eden but rather that we still live in Eden. We are the stewards of Eden and Eden the forgiving and nurturing Mother of us all. 

At this Moon, our vulnerability is our superpower and our key to balanced relations with all of life — with our fellow human, and with the Earth’s diversity. Our ultimate role is that of embodying and sharing the truth that we stand for day to day. And whatever that may be, may we stand in kindness. Stand in stillness. Stand in love.


A Ritual to Practice

Burning Old Roles + Identities

↣ this beautiful ritual is taken from the book Grow A New Body by Alberto Villoldo

The micro-fire ritual is an effective practice for rewiring the brain and shedding outworn roles and identities, so you can release the constraints of the past and move on. It requires focusing your intent on the task. It is your intent that gives the ritual depth, significance, and transformative power. The ancient limbic brain changes through the power of ritual. Traditionally, this ritual involves a group of people gathered around a large fire outdoors, but it can be just as meaningful as a solo ritual indoors. 

  • You will need a fat candle at least four inches tall, a box of wooden toothpicks, matches, and a fireproof bowl. (You can fill the bowl partway with sand, if you like.)
  • Light the candle, and then pick up a toothpick. As you hold it, think of a role or identity that is no longer serving you. Blow gently on the toothpick, envisioning that you are transferring all the feelings of that outmoded role or identity into that small piece of wood.
  • Then hold the toothpick to the candle flame. When you can no longer hang on to the flaming stick, drop it into the bowl. Continue blowing roles and identities into the toothpicks, one by one, until you have burned up all the stale old roles and identities you need to release.


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