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SKIN + BODYCARE Essentials

meagan moon skin & body care essentials

One of my most favorite topics! Skin and body care that work symbiotically with you and your healing. Here, I compiled a list of the skin and body allies at the heart of my self-care rituals  morning, noon, and night. I once had horrible ... horrible ... cystic acne. And though I will forever preach that what I put ON my skin (the things you'll find below) were NOT what truly healed it (see my acne story video for more), they have been powerful aids in nourishing and detoxifying what needed to come out. I aim to keep all of the below in my medicine cabinet, for the purposes listed alongside each. 


Manuka Honey — The only wash and mask I trust on my face. When I started using solely Manuka Honey (20+ UMF ... that's the medicinal grade) I never looked back. It is both incredibly moisturizing as well as incredibly detoxifying, both of which acne needs. It's highly anti-inflammatory and and anti-bacterial. I'm addicted. Try, and I guarantee that you will be too. 


Rose Water — Multiple times per day as a moisturizer, and always after I wash my face as a toner. Addicted. 


DoTerra Tea Tree — I don't use Tea Tree oil often, because it is super drying. But I do use it if I have an open zit or wound. It helps to to murder lingering bacteria.


DoTerra Lavender Oil — My STAPLE essential oil! I always have a bottle of lavender on me. It makes the most delicious bath, and I sprinkle it on the bottoms of my feet + in my ears every night as a nervine and muscle relaxant. 


Living Libations Seabuckthorn Shampoo — My favorite shampoo ever. Done.


Living Libations Seabuckthorn Conditioner — My favorite conditioner ever. Done.


Acure Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner — My second favorite shampoo & conditioner combo, for a FAR cheaper price!! Honestly, it works just as well as Living Libations, the only difference is purity of ingredients. However, Acure is the purest of anything else on your health food store shelf. So, I say, give it a goooo.


Living Libations Rose & Frankincense Cellular Renewal Serum — I use to use this serum every morning, and often at night. I now use Living Libation's sunscreen every morning instead, and sometimes use this at night if I'm feeling extra dry. But I once loved it so much for the rose + frankincense properties, which helped to balance my skin tone and reduce scarring. And it's just moisturizing enough without ever being greasy!


Living Libations Everybody Loves the Sun Suncreen — Best. Sunscreen. Ever. Thank you to everyone who recommended it when I was seeking a clean screen a while back. I'm so sold.


Living Libations Dew Dab Acne Spot Treatment — An on-zit treatment. Much like tea tree, but far less drying. 


Honey I Shrunk the Pores Wash — I've purchased this face wash many times as well! It has honey, kombucha, and antibacterial oils of which I fully trust. My friend Megan Elizabeth turned me onto it. 


Jade Gua Sha Tool — I try to gua sha at least once a week while in the sauna, and this is the jade tool I use. Gua sha breaks up stagnant fascia and blood, reducing inflammation and opening up the chi channels of the body. Gua sha literally translates as "scraping away forever". It is similar to acupressure, but focuses directly on increasing blood flow beneath the skin's surface. It hurts, but it's worth it.


Dry Brush — I dry brush every other day while in the sauna, and then hop in a cold shower. 


Shea Butter  Post sauna and dry brush or gua sha, I love to lather up in shea.  


Diva Cup — The only thing I trust and use during my Moon Cycle. The Diva Cup changed my life. If you're still using toxic tampons... why??


LadyComp Fertility Monitor — An amazing cycle / fertility monitor. No endocrine-disrupting Birth Control needed. It is so empowering to get to know your cycle and your body this way.


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