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✧ New Moon on 1/16 in Capricorn ✧

meagan moon message from the moon // new moon in Capricorn 1/16

✧ This November's New Moon is on 11/18 in Scorpio 

Instill in me the usefulness of not knowing the answers.
Let me never possess all I need to know. Bless my quest as I listen, learn and grow my faith in life's processes.
Thank you for this day of reverent growth.”
// Pixie Lighthorse, Prayers for Honoring Voice

Essences: Practice, patience, plants, vision, embodiment, purification, elimination, rooting


Questions to Ask: What practices do I have which root me in my body?

How can I become more present for those practices?

What is my creative vision for the next month?

What plants are calling to work with me for healing?

Am I stuffing myself with excess energy (food, thoughts, people, things…)?

What do I need to purify from my body, and from my environment?

How can I feel more rooted in my life?


What to Become Aware of: New Moon time is that of emptiness — she is our symbol of surrender into the darkest night. At this time, subconscious memories or energy patterns which we haven’t fully dealt with, may be muddying up the pond. But no mud, no lotus. It is our colorful responsibility to our lotus selves to remain patient through the energetic detoxification process of a New Moon. It is a time to really allow ourselves to sink into the truth of what wants to be purified from our field (be it particular foods, relationships, material goods, or thought patterns). Don’t get too attached to what’s eliminated — you may revisit them on a later date, and that is all good! It’s all a part of the journey, and all you can do it take it one breath at a time. Really focus on this: one breath at a time. It is within these precious moments that we grow. As humans, we continue to change and evolve and existence gifts us unforeseen lessons which expand our love for ourselves as all. 

Imagine this life like a spider web: we are one large web comprised of various patterns, lines and limbs. We can see it as if what we are each going through is a unique pattern or line within the web — and yet, each line connects and melts into the purpose of the entire thing. From one perspective, we are individual limbs. From a wider perspective, we are a whole work of art. What we are going through is connected to, and an essential part of, the web of life. Let this overjoy you, and give you a rest from perceiving yourself as separate from anything else. Let this give you a sense of purpose in your pain. Let it all melt away.

What are your current creative visions for how you’d love for your life to unfurl? Don’t just declare them, feel them. Feel what they look, taste, smell, and act like — for yourself and for others. Don’t hold too tight onto the specifics of how they will all unfold. Now is the time to surrender into the mystery of how they want to play out, and generate boundless trust — your Universe is on your side. Bask in the blessings, as everything is a blessing. Even the discomfort, pain, sadness, anxiety … especially those things! May they be your gifts for transcendence. May they be your alarm bells — wake up, witness! There is undulating beauty and clarity all around you! Open yourself within the dark. See this. Be this. 

Visions of a New Moon are vague, emotional, and come to us feeling far more intuitive than those of a Full Moon. Full Moon light uncovers all that’s hidden inside with clear intensity, while New Moon darkness encourages us to fully surrender into the energetics associated with them. Whatever our vision, we are being called to love it and embody it every. single. day. There is no more room for complacency, or a job half done. Go full speed, whole being, into what you see. Be of complete service to it, because you are it. Show up for yourself more and more each day.

Be very careful at this time not to stuff yourself excessively. Know that even the “emptiness” is overflowing. Even “darkness” is blindingly bright. We get to choose our perspective on what is complete and what is not. But be wary of believing what the dictionary tells you a single word entails. Go deeper into all that you perceive as being barren. Stay with it until it has something to say. 


A Ritual to Practice: Sunrise & Sunset Reflections

As hard as it may be, give yourself the beauty of arising for sunrise, to watch the colors and sounds of life come alive. Watch the world wake up. Let this be your calling to watch yourselfwake up. Focus on feeling how you’re feeling — the good and the grumpy. Focus on not identifying with what arises. Watch your physicality wake up, as well as your awareness of it. Spend a few minutes in meditation, feeling into your New Moon intentions and sending out prayers for surrender throughout the remainder of the day.

As the Sun begins to set, try to get yourself outside. Whether that be on a snowy NYC street corner, or barefoot in your rural backyard. Whether you can see the Sun setting on the horizon or not isn’t important. What’s important is gifting yourself a few moments to be become aware of how immersed, how interconnected you are, with the cycles of Mother Nature. Close your eyes for a few moments and breathe deeply. Reflect upon how you felt throughout the day. Praise yourself for any and all moments you felt surrendered and open. Also reflect upon the moments you feel could have been maneuvered in more grace. Don’t judge. Hug. Give yourself huge energetic hugs and kisses, knowing that it’s all part of your growing and learning process. Be grateful to be human, and to be able to have all of these sides. Send out lots of love. Our world desperately needs it.

X. M


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