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Why Rose Gold? Why Diamond?


I have always felt inexplicably attracted to radiant, love-colored jewelry. from my earliest adornment memories, rose gold won. while my friends were lusting after comparable sterling silver pieces from David Yurman and Tiffany’s, or yellow gold bohemian pieces from India or Thailand, I was solely drooling over a rose gold and diamond peace sign pendant from Devon Page McCleary.

the day I turned 16, my parents gifted me said pendant. for years (and of still) the necklace could be found nestled atop the same surface area of my chest, day after day, no matter the circumstances.

over the past eight years, this simple pendant has sparked my imagination again and again, carrying my energy through the most casual of days into the most black-tie, elegant of nights (or the other way around). worn with a t-shirt, Mumu shorts and my favorite sneakers, or an LBD and heels, the pendant pulled me thorough a lack-mindset of excessive consumerism and into an abundance-consciousness that has permeated my awareness of what it means to consume, and what it means to adorn. the piece was so elegant, so strong, so artistic and expensive, that it became a personal heirloom. it's radiance hung from my neck year after year, reminding me how to pare back to consuming only adornments that brought me feelings of peace and creativity.

to me, rose gold is just that! I can't explain it, but I feel an emotional resonance to copper infused gold. pink is soft, feminine in nature. outside of gender stereotypes it is simply softer on the eyes. 14k rose gold is just as valuable as 14k yellow gold, yet rose is subtle and not as flashy. I embrace the complex nature of my being and try not to strive towards 24k purity.

and when I began to ask myself why — why am I so attracted to this color? — the answers that came back came to me from not outside of myself, but from a creative place inside of myself. I answered myself via this notion that rose gold is alchemy that directly connects to the human heart.

diamonds are the physical manifestation of the most essential element of life (Carbon) compounded into a radiant, rainbow reflecting structure, created 140 feet below Earth’s surface nearly 2 billion years ago (!!!).  carrying that science, that history, that BEAUTY around on my body as a story, as a part of my personality . . . that is what it feels to adorn. for me, diamonds represent clarity, something that I know I need more of in relation to my emotional body (perhaps this is true for the entire human race). the marriage between rose gold and diamonds is profound, which is why Steele Henry has chosen to bring more of it to the world.

there is something very sustainable and very cyclical about adorning with such alchemy. the wearability of the piece will last for ages — continuously steeped with personal stories, purpose, connection and love. there is something about creating adornments made up of Earth’s ancient ingredients that resonates with me on an ethical level, as well as on spiritual and personal levels. a Steele Henry piece is an heirloom that is meant to be kept and worn, passed down and continuously passed down for generations to come.

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