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Inside the Moon & Rock Design Process


the balance between innovation and antiquity is the heart of Moon & Rock. original spirit meets modern technology as the manifest mold of three-dimensional adornment. Moon & Rock pieces were created to be placed upon the body with individual intention — inviting expansion, and projecting beauty.

the Moon & Rock process begins before any time or place. founders Meagan and Evan draw inspiration from timeless shapes that seem to have an innate intelligence. purposeful geometry that elicits mathematical and emotional relevance. the design process is not always uniform, following both era influence and individual sentiment.

Moon & Rock seeks delicacy, boldness, grace, and ingenuity.

the physical process of creation for Moon & Rock begins in the office of an historic building in downtown Hilo, Hawaii. shapes and sizes are drawn upon pads of paper in moments of quiet insight. it is then that Evan translates the inspiration onto a CAD file in the jewelry program Matrix. all the while, Meagan and Evan print design ideas from their 3D printer to get a feel for exactly how a piece will be shaped and where on the body it begs to fall.

once the final file has been tuned to our aesthetic, it is emailed off to two brilliant artisans in downtown LA (shoutout to our ridiculously talented team). there the pieces are machine routed into wax, molded, cast, set, and finished. final pieces are swiftly shipped to Hilo and lovingly packaged to be carried to YOU.

be sure to follow Moon & Rock on IG to always see more of the process! though we spend a fair bit of daylight hours in the office, we start our mornings and begin our evenings in garden (hence all the pictures of plants). on socials, you will get to see more of our off-grid life as well as our super on-grid life working downtown (3D printing is cooool). and the need for balance is real.

see you there. and thank you for being a part of our world.

~ M&R


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