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what’s it like to actually sit still? in mind body and soul?

this is a question I’ve sought an overwhelming answer to every morning for the past few years, while practicing meditation. I think I became so charred from not quite learning how to sit still, that my daily over-movement yelled nothing at me but, "please just let me lie down!" and alas, I've found something that feels a bit like an answer, but not in the form I thought that I would. I found it via movement — that burned out exhaustion — after some time of remaining busy, and mobile, but supplementing so with a couple minutes a morning (and sometimes nighttime, too) with completely still, silent meditation.

in those stiller moments, I have done much healing, much realizing, even on the busiest and scariest of days. and one of my favorite things that meditative moments remind me over and over again, is that being human (being able to move!) is such a brilliant blessing. if I find myself feeling burnt out, I sit for longer. I cancel self-inflicted plans and read a book.

sitting still and staying silent  in mind body and soul  humbles my human-ness, reminding me of how damn cool it is to be able to move.

so I guess what I'm getting at here, is just that I'd like to share how much peace I have come to with my active, motivated personality. I like doing things. I like moving around. I like getting up every day to work hard and make dreams happen. do you?

the other day, my love said something to me along the lines of — “at the end of my life, I want to be so tired, that leaving Earth will be like finally going into a delicious deep sleep.”


I give thanks for the brain filters that keep me here. I give thanks for my healthy body and it’s ability to move around. I give thanks for my senses, as they guide the sentiments and memories of my days. I give thanks for being alive.

Mahalo Nui Loa. 


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