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health begins to infiltrate your existence once you embrace what the word actually means to you. and I love that there is a different definition for everyone. I recently wrote this piece for Dahl House Nutrition, and it’s about the delicious uniqueness to all of our healings. how could we possibly expect to take the same path as the other guy? I certainly don’t want to. and embracing this has set me so free, and helped me tune into what my intuition actually is, where it comes from, and what it sounds like. (more on this on a later date . . . )

health, in my humble opinion, is all about taking care of these precious little vessels. it’s about keeping them patient, compassionate, moderate, joyful, celebratory, creative, aware. it’s about keeping them tapped and tuned into the source from which they came — as well as the powerful environments / elements surrounding. it’s about gifting them just the right amount of nourishment (in all the forms) so that they may continue on their paths for as long as Spirit’s willing. health, to me, is about Gratitude for the miracle of this life, and taking the aligned actions to prove to the Universe that we feel so. 

in my life, there are a few things I know I can do every day to bring my vessel back into feeling clear and clean and happy. these things are: meditation, plants, sex, sleep, and exercise. silent, surrendered meditation; eating, drinking and working with plants — very little to zero salt (which unfailingly leaves me feeling poisoned), no refined oil, no refined foods, organic, herbal infusions, homemade growing and enjoying plants straight from the ground; love with my beautiful love; in bed early; moving whatever parts feel stagnant. 

how do you take care? I’d love to hear in the comments below, or reach out to me.

Malama Pono <3

*art by Yidan @yizdan // I love his work! 


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